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22minutes.ca -- Canadian Icon! 499$

Discussion in '.ca Domain Sales' started by netbuydotca, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. netbuydotca

    netbuydotca Platinum Member

    Mar 6, 2009
    Local Time:
    1:00 AM
    Get this Canadian Icon premium, indexed domain now!

    Buy this domain today!
    High Demand Name can be yours now --
    See the # of Google searches/mo below,
    (Source: Google External Keywords tool)

    Many uses for this domain, including:
    Sell Comedy Items
    Sell Canadian TV show DVD's
    Create your own "Succeed in Comedy book", and sell it!
    More... The only limit is your imagination!

    How many Keywords can you think of related to Comedy and Comedians?
    Keywords Approx Avg Search Volume per month
    comedy 9140000
    stand up 2740000
    comedian 1220000
    comedy central 1220000
    comedians 673000
    stand up comedy 450000
    russell peters 450000
    comedy club 450000
    brian regan 368000
    pablo francisco 368000
    lewis black 246000
    richard pryor 246000
    standup 165000
    just for laughs 165000
    comedy show 165000
    comedy central presents 135000
    stand up comedians 110000
    stand up comedian 40500
    funny comedian 33100
    comedy central comedians 33100
    female comedians 22200
    female comedian 14800
    comedy central comedian 14800
    christian comedian 14800

    Size of site: 150+ pages

    Site Features:
    -registered/ownership claimed with Google's Webmaster Tools to build trust.
    -Pages indexed by Google

    - Owned since January 2008 - On web since 2004

    PAYMENT: Payments must be made by PayPal.

    5% GST will be added to the sale price. Total = 523.95$ CDN

    Domain registered at Namespro.ca - free transfer to your account as soon as payment has been received.
    Expiry/ Renewal date: 2011/01/09


    See other .com / .ca names for sale at:

    See the list sorted by Niche: http://www.netbuy.ca/sites.asp

    Chris Richmond,
    Netbuy Consulting Corp
    Guelph Ont.
    chrisrichmond at netbuy dot ca

Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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