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  1. bhartzer Domain Name Reported Stolen

    >> What a nightmare for the owner and unsuspecting buyer. Hope someone finds the real owner before it's too late? already been in touch with the 'real' owner of the domain (there are actually other domains involved). It's a nightmare to have your domain stolen. But it's actually "never too...
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    question How to create my own TLD on blockchain?

    >> What TLD would you go for if you could have any? We actually have a business plan and everything set for applying for the .DFW top level domain once ICANN offers applications for new TLDs. It would be a restricted TLD, whereas only companies and residents with a D/FW area address can get a...
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    question How to create my own TLD on blockchain?

    You will have to do it on blockchain. We have been waiting for ICANN to open it up for new TLD proposals since 2013, it doesn't look like they will do it anytime soon. I've looked into it, and you will need the $185,000 application fee for ICANN. Then you'd need at least $50,000 for domain...
  4. bhartzer Domain Name Reported Stolen

    It looks like this is what happened with "Soo" (dot com): The domain name soo had an email address associated with another domain that expired. Ownership of Soo used gregory @ makaera. The makaera domain expired, was caught by someone else, then sold to the domain thief. The domain thief then...
  5. bhartzer Domain Name Reported Stolen

    We (DNProtect) spoke with the former owner of the domain, and he said via email that the domain name is not stolen. However, if you look at the WHOIS record for the email address of the SOO domain, there is another email address using another domain. And that domain expired. Did the current...
  6. bhartzer Domain Name Reported Stolen

    The domain name is reportedly a stolen domain name. The domain was reportedly stolen from Gregory Soo, and it was registered at Network Solutions. It was transferred to Namecheap. It has been put up for sale on GoDaddy Auctions and also listed for sale at DAN for a low price of $50,000.
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    How do I track my Twitter followers?

    Another good tool is BuzzSumo (dot com), which actually shows engagement, as well, which is a better metric than just followers.
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    Selling a large number of domains, broker/help needed

    How many domains? What niche/topic?
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    Odd Network Solutions Issue

    I have both a Network Solutions account (from the 1990s) as well as a Network Solutions' Namejet account (all domains bought at NJ get sent over to your account at Netsol). My email address is tied to both accounts. However, one of the accounts I can't get into (the NJ account), and have been...
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    $250 is available for sale

    Yes, there are 17 live trademarks--so as long as you don't put content on the domain that would potentially be in any of those industries (showing that you are using the domain in bad faith), then it shouldn't be an issue. If it were my domain, then I might not put any content on it... or might...
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    How can I see who my biggest (most influential) followers on Twitter are? Is there a tool that can grade your followers in this way?

    You can get Twitter Analytics data from If you want to download tweets then you need to use the Twitter API for that.
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    $250 is available for sale

    It's a good name, but there are currently 17 live trademarks in the USPTO on the word "everwell". So, I'd be careful when considering a purchase of this domain. Any of those 17 companies who own the trademark on "everwell" could potentially challenge the ownership of that domain name, thus the...
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    .com For Sale

    Just because the trademark owners of the domain have not YET gone after domains that include their trademark, that doesn't mean that it's OK to buy and sell a TM domain.
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    .com For Sale

    >> No Copyright or trademark issues . The company Yahoo has been around since the 1990s. Since "yahoo" is in the domain name, then that is the issue. This is a 'trademark' domain, and anyone buying the name would most likely lose the domain.
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    seeking advice Mispelled Brand names; Equaty vs. Epik

    This can be a really good strategy, to build a brand on a 'misspelled' word (or you could think of it as creating a new word). The only issue that I see is the possible trademark issues. I know of plenty of cases where someone registered a misspelling, started a brand using that misspelling...
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