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  1. Biggie

    .com 84 +$1000 domain names -

    Hi Please verify ownership of posted domains. Thanks
  2. Biggie

    Questionable Domain Inquiry

    Hi you're not telling us anything that would make the email questionable. as in, did they make an offer? or was the subject of the email threatening or something? didn't even mention the registrar imo...
  3. Biggie

    Would you like to see links to HostMaria domain livestreams at DNForum?

    Hi well, let's look at this way if, all of your employees are assumed to be paid workers, and they are basically here to promote your business. then... they/you will have promotional advantage, by having more than 1 person "singing the same song" or co-signing "already spoken lyrics"...
  4. Biggie

    Would you like to see links to HostMaria domain livestreams at DNForum?

    Hi speaking only as a member, i would not like to see any spamming of a particular service on the forum. as is, there are at least 3 members who have hostmaria in their signature. however, if it is done, then it should be in Community Advertising section and according to posting rules for...
  5. Biggie

    question Help me with my domain name choices

    Hi it depends on: whether you're buying the domain to hopefully resell for profit or to develop also, depends on: what the actual letters are and the number in the domain or words and numbers.... and if it's .com or another extension. ie: would be premium name for "web3" category...
  6. Biggie

    Looking for or 1-2 Keyword domains

    Hi Can you please your budget for those requests. Thanks
  7. Biggie

    Potentially Sticky Ethical Situation Regarding An End User

    depends on the investment percent/ ownership portion of the company you hold and if the principals of this startup know you personally or as an individual investor. if you are an unknown investor with minor stake, and there are no "prohibitions" for such actions within "share" agreements, you...
  8. Biggie

    appraise Pcboard.netappraisals

    skateboard and pc board are not the same
  9. Biggie

    appraise Pcboard.netappraisals

    as is, reg fee from my perspective imo...
  10. Biggie

    Sop(.)net And Other Lll.nets

    Taking offers for : SOP(.).net 88,000,000 results in Google also offering: HDC net QFM net OPO net OVL net WTA net Please post or pm, your best ($,$$$) offer if interested. Payable via Verified Paypal/MassPay* > >
  11. Biggie


    if there is a BIN price, why not just post it, so members won't have to keep asking? Thanks
  12. Biggie

    Something Is Very "rotten" At Snapnames!

    if you had placed a BO there and was never included in the auction, then.... i could feel your pain as backorders can be made at anytime. imo....
  13. Biggie

    Something Is Very "rotten" At Snapnames!

    so what's rotten at snapnames? did you ever put in a backorder for the domain?
  14. Biggie

    Received Good Offer, Need Advice

    i received a nice offer on a name recently, which I countered for a few $,$$$ more it's been almost a week and they still haven't replied so, perhaps they will walk, perhaps they will counter or maybe bite at my price. but I put the ball in their court. so, i say: if you want what you...
  15. Biggie

    Leaving Moniker, But Where Do I Go?

    I still have names with moniker and haven't followed the crowd to any particular registrar. enom is still #1 for me imo....
  16. Biggie

    $0.99 Godaddy Coupon Codes

    art199 worked for me today! :)
  17. Biggie


    maybe the sellers who owned the dentists names sold too cheap, or maybe the sellers paid less for their dentists names than the sellers with the lawyers names, so their profit was actually more than the lawyers roi maybe everybody who owned names in those categories checked the same sites for...
  18. Biggie

    Domain Redirect Question Like

    you have to set-up your own ns, to do it like them or you can do url redirect from registrar to any other url you wish it would have same effect for instance: I have pointing to where, urlpick ns is hosted by directnic
  19. Biggie

    Domains With Parking Revenue Above $100 Per Month Wanted!

    Hi Please post a budget for this request, as required. Thanks
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