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    Ebay and CJ Parting Ways? BANS Store Script Update

    BANS 3 is nice - but I am still wary from all the 302 references in the logs, due to the link cloaking. 302's themselves arent that bad, but with that many, I fear it may look too much like blackhat. Mark
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    Needed: 10-20 Music Equip related .coms

    Hi All - I am taking on a project where we are going to have a core website, and 15 - 20 satellite or niche focused sites. I am looking for musical equipment domains... prefer those WITH traffic, or plus 3 years age. Example domains: (Core site) (Core...
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    That doesnt look like a BANS hack, but more of a hosting attack... I checked some of the backend files for BANS and they are definitely there... someone has just hijacked the root file of the domain.
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    No Need to pay for help... pm me a url and I will look to see what is up with it. Mark Hi All - Just wanted to apologize AGAIN for not visiting this thread in awhile. Unfortunately, my dad passed away a week or two ago and it has been a wierd journey for sure!! Anyhow - If anyone had any...
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    I have also seen it used on WP as a store link in a horizontal menu at the top of pages. This keeps consistent navigation across all sections of a site and gives users a way to escape to the blog or news sections at will. In regard to other ad programs. You can use anything with it... You...
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    Please review:

    Hi - I have actually seen an auto site done that exact way! (localjeepwranglerDOTcom). All in all, I dont know for sure that there would be a major benefit to creating a store like this - but I have not talked to the owner about it all. For myself, the PRIMARY goal is to get people in and...
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    Sorry for the slow reply... I spent a few days travelling. Just to clarify a few things about the BANS product... (read sig link for a plethora of info on BANS) First - it is NOT a be-all, end-all product! It requires a small bit of time to get optimized (8-12 hours per site) and if you...
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    Please review:

    Wow - GREAT job the BANS Niche store! I have a cloud directory of stores on my BANS blog at shoot on over and grab the term that best describes your niche. When the paypal screen pops up, just close it out and I will approve the link for you...
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    Please review

    Hi - I guess I will go first! First, congrats on completing your first site! The learning curve only gets easier from here. When I pulled up the site the first things that caught my attention were a few small code issues you can fix pretty easily. You header section is not tall enough...
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    Direct Navigation / URL type-in

    I think the one thing alot of us have not considered is that for most of the "Average" internet users, meaning people who not make a living on the web, people like my parents, and many people that I personally know... Quite a few think of "Google" as, well, the internet! Not too many years...
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    Mini sites?

    Post the domain names... it may be easier for us to recommend different types of content, parking etc, to monetize. I use BANS (Read sig pages) to monetize many through an eBay aff program that works well but requires time to launch, mod, optimize etc. (10-16 hours total upfront, 1 hour a week...
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    85 good domains expiring this month - $5 each! (HerPodcast,com; RouletteBall,net ...) Sold if available - PM payment details please.
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    Sorry for the slow reply... In regard to a BANS WP Plugin, I dont think there is one available yet. The script does however allow you to mod a template system (Header & footer files) that can be incorporated into an existing WP site. Like I said above... the MOST important thing with BANS is...
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    Tired Of Parking..Where Do I Start

    I too am a BANS user on several domains... with a bit of elbow grease - meaning spending 8-12 hours optimizing the categories that are BANS default, you can make pretty good money through them. I have a blog that I have outlined step by step ways to build a store from nothing to a finished...
  15. M - 300 Uniques a Day

    Can you provide any range of offers you wish to get? PM if you want...
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    Looking For Imput - My First 90 Days As A Domainer

    I concur... I am truly new to the whole "Monetizing domains" game - bought a bunch before I did any research, made several mistakes, learning the hard way!! :-) One of the few bright spots has been the eBay affiliate program at this point and while some niche sales do pay little (.25 cents)...
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    Real Estate Content Generation

    Tony sent a PM to me saying he was going to be on vacation out of the Country for a few weeks... He will be back in touch when he returns. Mark
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    Development Ideas

    :-) I'll give you $50 for the domain name. :-) When you stop laughing... your previous post is correct!! Its a great type-in name with very high seo potential!! Personally, I try to find the path of least resistance... Scenario 1 (My real life job) I run an ecommerce site that does...
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    Looking For Imput - My First 90 Days As A Domainer

    I dont know for sure the ebay aff app Brian is using - but I picked up an app called Build a niche Store about 6 weeks ago... Launched 10 domains within the first month, promoted very little... August revenue was about $300, September is already up past $500 on the same 10 domains, and i...
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