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    SEDO deadbeat buyer. Now what?

    i wonder for how long does it take to get paid on sedo? the domain has been transferred to buyer account, but for some reason the buyer not updating their whois and sedo response, "We have informed the buyer to update the whois contact details." i replied and a few days later, "Please...
  2. esa

    WTB Laptop review/advisor/deal domain

    studio laptop *com
  3. esa

    WTB : Recipe related domain

  4. esa pronounceable quad premium quick sale

    domain sold to Millering thanks
  5. esa


    pm sent
  6. esa

  7. esa

    moniker Moniker Support - not working?

    try using opera, working here i was using chrome and the popup not show
  8. esa quad premium, pronounceable

    bin dropped $300
  9. esa quad premium, pronounceable

    bin dropped $350
  10. esa

    closed closed

  11. esa quad premium, pronounceable

    many thanks for the offers guys BIN placed at $400
  12. esa quad premium, pronounceable nice quad premium, pronounceable taking offers .. bin $260
  13. esa wanted. budget < 1,xxx

    pm sent
  14. esa


    GADGETARTICLES.COM 2010-04-29 $1 to start. minimum bid increments of $1. auction ends june 30 at 12pm pst anti-sniping rule: if there is a bid in the last 2 minutes, auction end time is extended by 2 minutes - this repeats until 2 clear minutes of no bidding. payment via paypal...
  15. esa

    Warning, VOZ.COM stolen!

    i don't see the auction page? is it ended?
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