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    fixed price - Premium Domain Marketplace Names

    Start the new year of right with a brand for your domain name business. Have you been selling on DNForum and similar marketplaces? Why not display your portfolio of domain names on your own site as well? I am offering these premium names at $499 each. One domain name sale via your own site and...
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    auctions Only 8 hours left -

    Premium number and letters domain name - is for sale There's 8 hours left and the name is only at $499. I've just lowered the BIN to just $699 (had offers up to $635 on the forums) 8 hours remaining as of this post. Take a look at these similar recent...
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    fixed price - 5,400 exacts - rich niche "Pregnancy Weight Calculator" 5,400 exact searches a month Pregnancy Weight Calculator yields about 33,000,000 results on Google. Soon to be moms spend over a billion dollar yearly before the child is even born. Pregnant women use pregnancy weight calculator...
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    short 12 years old. Great letters and 9 is well-liked in the chinese culture. Taking offers. BIN just $977.
  5. untitled And

    Are you still e-mailing people with your gmail address? Here's a chance to have your personal domain name showcase website and also to make a great first impression on potential customers. There's an extremely limited amount of great names in this domainer space. Selling these two names...
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    Registered in 1998. Looking for offers on this great name, will come with a free logo pictured below. Minimum wholesale value according to, is $600, so let's start the offers there. Had some nice offers in $x,xxx in the past for this name and value of three letter .net...
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    Wtb: Budget 5K-15K depending on name. PM me your name and price. Payment via within 48 hours. Don't send anything else please.
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    How Much Did You Waste On Dropped Names This Year?

    Personally I've wasted $902.93 over the last 2 years combined, majority of that amount was in the former. So how much did you waste in domain names that you ended up dropping? For fun, you can post your worst 5 names here. Here are some of my "classics":
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    Brannan's / Toby Clements Newsletter - Should It Be Trusted?

    After the Toby Clements fiasco, is anyone really still trusting the "rebranded" version - Brannan's? Just wanted to see your thoughts and if anyone is using them again. Personally, a different name and logo, isn't going to regain my trust back.
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    fixed price --- Over ---

    --- offer done ---
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    Spontaneous (dot) Com

    Closed for offers. Send any future inquiries regarding this domain name to Media Options.
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    fixed price

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    Website Picking Up Steam Not Sure About The Next Steps..

    So I've been working on one of my projects for about a year, It's been averaging about 500 visits per day in the last few months, but it recently went viral with a few of the posts and other posts starting to get rankings. In the last week one of the posts got about 50,000 shares...
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    fixed price - Low Price 24 Hours

    over - you missed it.
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    auctions low reserve ending today Premium with low reserve, 1 day left:
  16. untitled - Business Development Group

    -- no longer for sale --
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    Pronounceable 4 Letter .COM

    Looking for pronounceable 4 letter .com Does not have to be CVCV (but a plus), just has to be easy to pronounce. Budget up to $150. Any letters. PM your name and price.
  18. untitled - Alexa 15,000 Ranks 15,029 on (has had a ranking for a very long time) Previously an Established Website About 100 uniques per Month 130...
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