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  1. ludacwisp

    Looking for link to HQ Stream of fight tonight

    I would be extremely grateful for anyone that could assist me in finding a high quality private stream that will be showing the fight tonight (9pm EST). I'm broke but I would be willing to give someone a domain or something in exchange :) I've been waiting for this fight for longer than I van...
  2. ludacwisp

    auctions - Just Hours Remaining On Flippa Auction, No Reserve Current High Bid $100.
  3. ludacwisp

    appraise - Worth?

    What would you guys price this domain at?
  4. ludacwisp
  5. ludacwisp - Brand New "at-cost" Drop-catching Service... Beta Testers Wanted

    Hello, I have launched a brand new hosted drop-catching solution called We currently have seamless API integration with NameBright (getting great results here), NameSilo, and Dynadot. I am seeking daily domainers who register at least 5-7 domains per week to thoroughly test the...
  6. ludacwisp

    I really don't know what this domain is worth, but I'm not expecting any major return out of it. Just thought it was a cool looking domain I'd snare in the drop. Maybe someone can find better use for it than I. Entertaining all offers...
  7. ludacwisp


    Not sure if the extent of this domain's appeal extends much further than Buckeye nation, but hoping to get a bit of feedback from anyone who is in the same boat as I am in that it might be worth a couple hundred bucks down the road after a long wait? It was originally regged in 2002 and snared...
  8. ludacwisp

    broker Broker Needed - /

    I have the following two domains I am interested in getting rid of quickly, for which I am willing to take a hit on the profit for a fast sale. / (no affiliation) sold on Afternic in September 2012 for $1,000. I feel this domain is as...
  9. ludacwisp - Pr3, Incoming Traffic Would make for a nice site for Godaddy/Namecheap/Dynadot/etc coupons. Pagerank 3 $60/neg.
  10. ludacwisp

    Drop-catching Related Domain Names... Also considering selling entire site/app at Serious inquiries only.
  11. ludacwisp,,,,,,,, Accepting offers
  12. ludacwisp


    TWO PR4 DOMAINS FOR SALE: --------------------------- Both are legitimate pagerank4's and recently picked up after they expired. Willing to part with both for just $50, including a free push to your NameSilo account if you have one. Payment via paypal...
  13. ludacwisp

    An ongoing quest to defeat the 3 aftermarket juggernauts for pendingDeletes...

    Due to the nature of the industry/process/niche, dropcatchers of expired domains typically hunt alone. Obviously due to the fact that we don't want other predators competing for the domains we researched and queued. As many of us know, DNMeter was created a few years ago by expron and...
  14. ludacwisp registered at namesilo trying to get around 30
  15. ludacwisp

    Domain Liquidation: 40+ Domains ($100 per) Stats, Traffic, Keywords Differ

    All of the following domains are for sale at $100 each. Most of these have just been parked for some time. Some are getting decent traffic, some have high exact keyword matches, others have potential. Registrars vary. Please pm me if interested, may come down on price depending on...
  16. ludacwisp - Madden NFL '13 Released 8/29/2012 Madden NFL Football (copyright EA Sports) is the largest, longest lasting console video gaming franchise of all time. The hype and following grows with every release... especially with the popularity of the NFL and fantasy football. Madden 2013 was released August 28, 2012...
  17. ludacwisp / / - Madden 13 to be Released in Aug

    Please make offers on the following domains:,, Madden 13 is to be released in August and is the number one selling console gaming franchise of all time. Don't miss this opportunity.
  18. ludacwisp / / - Madden 13 to be Released in Aug

    Madden 2013 as many know is the biggest franchise in the history of console gaming. This year's release of Madden 2013 (August) is expected to add incredible gameplay features and be by far the biggest release yet especially considering the popularity of console gaming...
  19. ludacwisp

    Anyone Else Notice Serious Performance Degredation in Dynadot's API Since being Free?

    [02:21:19] unavailable for registration. [02:21:19] unavailable for registration. [02:21:19] unavailable for registration. [02:21:20] unavailable for registration. [02:21:20] unavailable for registration. [02:21:20] unavailable for...
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