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    Needed: 10-20 Music Equip related .coms

    Hi All - I am taking on a project where we are going to have a core website, and 15 - 20 satellite or niche focused sites. I am looking for musical equipment domains... prefer those WITH traffic, or plus 3 years age. Example domains: (Core site) (Core...
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    Real Estate Content Generation

    Hi All - I have about 350 real estate related domains I want to begin pulling from the parking account and develop or feed content into. Hosting not an issue - I have 2 servers, one for windows (asp vb apps) and another for apache requirements. I know it is a highly competitive industry -...
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    Review Request - Build a Niche Store

    Hi All - No affiliate links in here... Has anyone used the BANS (build a niche store) product to put up an eBay affiliate store? ( The base product looks like a good buy and I noticed that every site they have in their examples list has PR with some of them being...
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    Self Hosted Parking Script / Software

    Hi All - Has anyone experimented with hosting their own parked domains on a large scale? I have almost 1000 domains now and my own server and thought it may be something worth checking into. If so - what application(s) or script(s) did you use to use to run it etc... Thanks in advance, Mark
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    Google Site Indexing Tool

    Hi All - New DNF'r here but its my 2nd post! LOL As I said in my intro, I have been reading here for awhile... made a jump into domain monetization recently as a challenge to myself really - if it pays off in five years, then it was worth it! Anyhow - back to the subject - a Google Site...
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    Longtime Web Dev / SEO / First time DNF'r

    Hi All - Just wanted to drop a line, say hello, and introduce myself to the forums. I have been in and out of here for quite a while, just never joined and/or posted. Anyhow - I took the leap from small-time web developer and SEO fanatic into the realm of domain portfolio ownership. I have...
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