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  1. m0rgulvale

    Taking offers on Somewhat unique in that it has 2 vowels.
  2. m0rgulvale

    fixed price - $25

    Looking to sell for $25 If interested please let me know.
  3. m0rgulvale

    fixed price - $40

    I am looking to sell for $40. Anyone interested? Thanks -Avery
  4. m0rgulvale

    developed LaserPointerForums 270k posts, first page of Google for laser pointer/laser pointers

    LaserPointerForums, LLC, is the largest and most advanced laser discussion on the Internet. Forums Stats: Threads: 20,723, Posts: 271,899, Members: 7,246 The site appears on the first page of Google for the terms laser pointer and laser pointers. We have one...
  5. m0rgulvale

    URL Change b/c new forum system

    I recently moved my site from an old forum system, the new site is located at I set it up so it redirects to the new site when users go to Questions...
  6. m0rgulvale and for sale

    I am looking to sell and Both domains include two vowels. QM can stand for quality management. If interested please contact me at atarasov =-=-= at =-=-= hushmail (.) com -Avery
  7. m0rgulvale - Coldplay/Satriani plagiarism lawsuit

    This domain name is a play on words for the Coldplay vs. Satriani music plagiarism lawsuit. For more information on the lawsuit see:
  8. m0rgulvale

    Anyone want link/banner trade w/ my PR3 site

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a link or banner trade with me. You can have either a 468x60 or 720x90 banner, or a text link. My forum is PR3 with over 125,000 total posts & over 20,000 unique a month . My site is in my signature, or go to URL below (remove the...
  9. m0rgulvale

    An idea w/ PR2 site

    Hey guys, I have a PR2 website, - - it has 5 different pages on it that are all PR2.. each of these pages link back to all the other ones.. I recently signed up with and have been using it to sell links on my site... it just came to my mind that if i had hundreds of PR2...
  10. m0rgulvale

    closed (site included)

    How much do you think is worth--not just the domain name, but the entire site. The domain is currently page rank 3 and it is not listed in dmoz. It has about 8000 members, 68500 posts; lately around 50 to 80 users are online at once. It is the largest laser...
  11. m0rgulvale

    developed largest laser discussion on the internet, 7000+ members Asking price: $50,000 PM me if you would like traffic/revenue stats, or if you would like to make an offer.
  12. m0rgulvale - $20

    Not only a common typo of, but also a funny name since many people dislike NJ Transit. Taking offers for $20 If you are interested send me a PM or reply here.
  13. m0rgulvale & .net

    I'm taking offers on these sites. Please PM me if you are interested.
  14. m0rgulvale

    closed Appraisal

    Does anyone see any value to these domain names? They do not have any existing traffic. They are newly registered. Thanks for any input
  15. m0rgulvale

    please delete this post, i accidentally posted in the wrong area sorry about this
  16. m0rgulvale Software Company

    I am taking offers on the domain name If you are interested in buying the entire site as it is, see this thread Here are some stats for - traffic - referring links - search...
  17. m0rgulvale

    4 character domains

    Hey, here are some interesting four character domains I am looking to sell. - $30 (two vowels) - $30 (two vowels, QM=quantum mechanics) - $30 (HQ stands for head quarters) - $15 - $30 If you want to buy a domain let me know - my email...
  18. m0rgulvale

    Taking offers on!
  19. m0rgulvale

    Permanent PR2 Link - 35 cents

    I will add a permanent link to your site on for only 1 dollar ( i had to edit this guys, im only making 4 cents profit from 35 cents because of the paypal fee, sorry!) I sell my software on this web site and it gets decent traffic. If you want me to add your site...
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