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  1. CashCowDomains

    3 Letter .com domains wanted

    Hello! Looking to buy a few 3 letter .com domains. NO IDNs please. NO DASHES. Budget $XX,XXX.xx PM your absolute lowest BIN prices. Do not send names without prices! or (Paypal if we've done previous business). Thank you, CCD
  2. CashCowDomains

    3letter .com & 2letter.coms

    Hello! Looking to buy a few 3 letter .com domains, possibly a 2-letter .com. PM your absolute lowest BIN prices. or Paypal if we've done previous business. Thank you, CCD
  3. CashCowDomains

    An important message from Snapnames

    Can't help but wonder about the names in question, not to mention the lost ppc revenue... CCD
  4. CashCowDomains

    1200+ SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Payment & Transfer Info sent. Domains Received, thank you. CCD
  5. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    They can come after you whenever they so desire to do so and are not giving permission by any lack of action on their part. CCD
  6. CashCowDomains

    New York Traffic Auction 2007

    Once Moniker realizes that they need to make serious changes to their desire for "exclusivity", things will improve. I personally modified my agreement for NON EXCLUSIVITY, which worked for last years auction even though I did not get a signed copy faxed back to me. This year we are having...
  7. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    You're about to find out.
  8. CashCowDomains

    HUGE STORY ON DOMAINS - Business 2.0 on Kevin Ham

    If you can't figure out that you made a typographical error and landed on a page that you did not intend to and don't understand what happened or how to fix it, you need to find something else to do and step away from the computer before you hurt yourself. CCD
  9. CashCowDomains

    what makes you get up every morning

    *edited* :)
  10. CashCowDomains

    JUST SOLD DE.TV for $21,500

    Congrats! CCD Looks like its a $5K/year renewal. CCD
  11. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    :) My pleasure.
  12. CashCowDomains

    Looking for a job! Will do just about anything internet related.

    ok -- how good are you with forums? i need to put one together that will be geared towards the apple macintosh user community. i'd like to see examples of work if you have that. ccd
  13. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    It has nothing to do with their warning being a kind gesture Kevin. It has everything to do with you stepping on their mark and that they have the rights to take action against you for it. Sometimes ya just got to know when to say "when" - and now would be that time. Your DNF peers are trying...
  14. CashCowDomains


    posted 5/5 at what do ya know 4:20 lol :) if its still available pm me please. CCD
  15. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    Or have your name / business plastered as a typo squatter in wipo or arbforum, which will hinder future issues/complaints against you. The domain has ebay in it with another word you say. So no intention to resell, why'd you register it in the first place? Just let it go to them. And put...
  16. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    Wrong approach to take with a company that can create problems for you Kevin... update the info on the name to reflect theirs, unlock the name, send them the auth code and say thank you for your email. Arrogance is misplaced in this scenario, and has its consequences. Then this will be...
  17. CashCowDomains

    ebay sent me a C&D

    if you have an ebay trademark a domain name you own, its time to let it go quickly -- comply and move on. don't piss them off, whatever you do. ccd
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