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  1. Biggie

    external on auction @

    Hi All! is currently on auction at reserve has been met! imo...
  2. Biggie

    Sop(.)net And Other Lll.nets

    Taking offers for : SOP(.).net 88,000,000 results in Google also offering: HDC net QFM net OPO net OVL net WTA net Please post or pm, your best ($,$$$) offer if interested. Payable via Verified Paypal/MassPay* > >
  3. Biggie And

    I have a repeat buyer looking for and domains 4 figure budget for 5 figure budget for PM ONLY, With Price. Thanks for viewing Don
  4. Biggie

    Two Word .coms Including > Patchupdate(.)com *

    Offering for sale..... Please post or pm your best offers, if...
  5. Biggie


    Offering for sale... Please post or pm your best offer, if interested Registered at
  6. Biggie

    Speedy Transaction

    paid for a domain I bought on sedo 12/21 today, the domain is in my account. :)
  7. Biggie


    Taking offers for... 150(.)org Please post or pm, your "best" offer, if interested. registered > Buyer Pays Fee
  8. Biggie

    Gmxo(.)com , Cubm(.)com , Nnl(.)info And Others

    Offering for sale... /\ Please post...
  9. Biggie

    legal Beware: Paypal Phishing Email

    Do Not Open Attachment!! I have already sent copy to
  10. Biggie

    fixed price closed

  11. Biggie

    Got Lucky Today!

    a name I backordered some time ago, came up in private auction someone outbid me for the name I was glad, because I had changed my mind and forgot to delete the order. so, moral of this story is go check your backorders and make sure the names still appeal to you or you may catch some...
  12. Biggie

    $0.50 Per Click > Umm(.)org

    Offering for sale... umm (.)org last month @ voodoo: 397 / 6 / 9 /$11.26 / 2.27%/ $0.50 / $4.47 $,$$$ offers only > Buyer Pays Fee Verified Paypal MassPay or add 7%
  13. Biggie


  14. Biggie


    for those who need a guide, to show them the way I picked up: :)
  15. Biggie


    Offering for sale.... OrganicFoodService (.)com Please post or pm your best offers, if interested @
  16. Biggie

    Taking Offers On A Few Including Homepagewebdesign(.)com

    Offering for sale or lease: homepagewebdesign(.)com genericmarketing(.)com patchupdate(.)com Registered at Please post or pm your best offers, if interested
  17. Biggie


    Offering for sale... 4k4 .com Enom registered Payable: via Verified Paypal/MassPay or add 5 % via > Buyer Pays Fee Please post or pm your best offer, if interested
  18. Biggie

    Looking For "geo Escort".com Domains

    Hi All I have a contact that is seeking "escort" domains, preferably "two words" that start with a geographical location. ie: Chicago Escort com we may consider alternatives such as: "Escorts Chicago" com Please send all submissions via pm and include Price, Registrar and any Traffic stats...
  19. Biggie

    appraise Caregiverclass(.)com

    here's a recent pick-up caregiverclass(.)com goes with some other "healthcare" domains i own in that sector. Opinions, comments, etc are welcome Thanks
  20. Biggie

    Who Handles Sales Inquiries Best?

    the actual domain, is the incentive for a broker not the opportunity to negotiate. unless it's a wannabee or up-and comer, trying to carve their name in conversation. imo...
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