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    broker | | |

  3. Vinexa

    Looking for 50 4L .com Domains

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for reasonable priced premium chip 4L.coms Email me at, Skype me, or PM me Thanks for the help and happy holidays!
  4. Vinexa

    3N .coms Wanted!

    Looking for NNN .com domains without 0s and 4s. Please PM or email via Happy Holidays! Vinexa
  5. Vinexa

    broker For Sale

  6. Vinexa


    Looking for more offers on Received a $2k bid recently. Great Domain name for Financial sector/niche Godaddy Push and only.
  7. Vinexa

    If you sell GEO domain names...

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents, While cleaning up my desktop, I found a list of domains I was going to register but I figured it would be profitable to some domainer out there. Please let me know if you guys/gals sell something ;)
  8. Vinexa Wanted

    I am looking for some: and domain names. Please PM me your names and prices. Sincerely, Vinexa
  9. Vinexa

    broker and

    Currently, I am brokering several domains, but these two need your special love and attention. No longer brokering No longer for sale Please PM me with you best offer or email me at No lowball offers please.Serious buyers only. Best, Vinexa
  10. Vinexa

    Mó and Enlí

    Thank you for your interest in my domains. For those who don't know, Móvil means "Mobile" in Spanish and Enlínea means "Online" in Spanish. PM your best offer or email me at
  11. Vinexa

    auctions Is On Auction At!

    14 day auction Link is here Thank you in advance for your bids. Sincerely, Vinexa
  12. Vinexa

    Today in the wee hours of 1:00 am, I successfully won in an auction, I like the domain in general and I have been seeing trends in compound word domains selling this year. If I don't develop this domain, I will be putting this up for offers in 60 days or so. Also if I choose...
  13. Vinexa

    broker & For Sale | Great Generic Domains With Huge Potential

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  15. Vinexa

    cctld - Shopping E-commerce Potential!

  16. Vinexa

    broker For Sale

  17. Vinexa

    intro Hello From Norcal

    Hi ladies and gents ! I am new to domain but a very fast learner. Initially, I heard about domains after a friend of mine told me about a company in the Bay Area who bought That purchase made me think that money can be made in this field and lots of it. During the day, I work in a...
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