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    4 Letter Domains for $10 -- NSAQ.COM

    List updated again.
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    4 Letter Domains for $10 -- NSAQ.COM

    Another domain sold, list updated.
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    4 Letter Domains for $10 -- NSAQ.COM

    All sold.
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    Question for forum owners: vBulletin 4.x vs. Invision Power Board 3.x vs. xenForo 1.x

    Our plan is to stick with vBulletin 3.8 and consider vBulletin 5 when it finally arrives. Xenforo is interesting but it is too early for us to commit to using that platform. IPB is a worthy candidate but just doesn't seem to have the plugin / modifications support that vBulletin does.
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    Has this sold?
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    Free Traffic! REAL Traffic!

    I sent you a PM as well Mike and look forward to seeing how it works! Thank you.
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    Here is mine:
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    Expert PHP/JavaScript (Ajax, too) coder available for hire

    Do you do any work around vbulletin?
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    developed - 10 Years Old - 70,000+ Registered Pet Owners AND This site is a true gem in the marketplace. It is very rare that a site of this quality goes up for sale, especially at such a bargain of a price: * Online sine 1999 - 10 Years Old! * Recognized brand in the dog / pet space * Registered trademark...
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    developed Huge Webmaster Community - Admin Fusion

    URL: (including Page Rank: PR4 Age of site (months): 2+ Years Monthly revenue: $400 Background:AdminFusion is a community for forum administrators. It started in September 2005 as strictly a forum but has now grown to include many custom...
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    Some Nice Typos For Sale, Some With Traffic (300 Movie .com) (kjv - king james version bible) - Aug Stats: 7 visits 4 clicks $0.60 revenue (for Beyonce - highly popular singer) - Aug Stats: 9 visits 6 clicks $0.28 revenue (for Beyonce - highly popular singer) - 16 visits this month...
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    developed NFL Fan Sites Cheap! - any traffic?
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    Quality Wed Development Firms?

    I am in need of some referrals for quality wed design / development / programming firms that can handle a VERY large project. They would need a project manager to work with my team and be very reliable / respected. Where to look? Any suggesstions or recommendations?
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