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    Godaddy Promote Code 35% OFF

    What's the best way to get new domains and free privacy at GoDaddy? I see lots of discounts on domains but not much with discounted privacy. GoDaddy's prices are reasonable, but adding privacy seems to hurt the savings. Any ideas?
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    Seeking $1 Domains - Will Purchase Your Unused Inventory!

    I'll purchase your unused inventory (or almost expiring) domain names for $1. Will consider .com, .net, .info, and any other types of domains. Please send your complete list via private message. Thank you!
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    Please close.
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    Please close.
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    Generic .com Domains Wanted

    I am looking to buy generic .com domain names. I can pay $20 - $50 per domain name. Please Private Message me with your top 3 generic .com domain names along with asking prices (must be $50 or less per domain name). If I'm interested, I'll then ask for a full list of your domains. This...
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    Corporate Entity Domain Registered - Question

    Do U.S. cybersquatting laws only apply to formal trademarks, or does it apply to business entities as well? I thought that cybersquatting was for malicious intent to sell the domain back to a business owner. For instance, let's say that (I'm making this up) Smizzysmith's Ice Cream had a...
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    Corporate Entity Domain Registered - Question

    Hi, I'm involved in a new Delaware corporation that was just registered. Within moments of it being registered, a domainer registered the most logical domain name associated with our corporate name. This is illegal, correct? How do I go about getting the domain into our possession? What...
  8. M Great category domain in the growing healthcare industry. Please PM or post any offers. Will be reasonable with pricing. All offers considered as looking to raise cash for a future project.
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    Over 50 Domains for Sale -,, and others!

    Received a couple offers. All offers still welcome. For most names, will take the highest offer.
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    Over 50 Domains for Sale -,, and others!

    We have the following domains for sale. Please make any and all offers on any of them. We're hoping to sell them in the xx to xxx range. Thank you for reviewing them. .com Domains
  11. M - Quick Sale is renewing soon. Looking for a quick sale or else I'll renew it. It's a great domain in the finance / lending space, which has always been a big industry. Will sell to the person with the highest offer. It's with GoDaddy. I have a $30 offer. PM me with your offer, or...
  12. M - Great Real Estate Domain - Looking for Quick Sale! Great Washington, DC real estate domain. I am looking for a relatively quick sale of this domain. All offers are welcome, even low ones. Will take the highest offer. Thank you!
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    Domains Wanted - .com / .net only - 5,000+ Exact Searches

    We're no longer acquiring domains right now. When we do, we'll repost a listing. Thanks.
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    3D and 4G Names! / - QUICK SALES!

    Accepting all offers on either of these domains. Will sell them fast. Both have great value now and even better future potential, but we need cash for a future project. Offers may begin at just $10 each, and you may post here or PM me.
  15. M All offers considered. No offer is too low (or too high... had to throw in some humor!)
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    Looking for a quick sale of BIN Price: $200 Accepting all offers and will choose the best shortly or a quick sale at the BIN price. Please PM offers or post them here.
  17. M and

    Highest offer so far is $50. I'm looking for $70+ and will likely accept the first offer above that amount. Buyer gets both names!
  18. M and and 4G is really taking off. I'm looking to sell these two domains as a package together. I will be very reasonable with pricing. Accepting offers starting in the xx range. Please post or PM offers if interested. Thank you.
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    $40 offer... looking for others. Will make a quick sale most likely, so all offers still being considered. PM please.
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    $120 offer... any others? Great product domain name.
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