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    Hello, I'm currently offering for sale the domain name ( The word aduh has meaning in the Indonesian language (it is used to say "Ouch!") It is actually a great domain name and easy to pronounce and remember. It is offered through Namejet at $69 without reserve Only 5 days...
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    I'm selling a domain name. .it domain names can be owned by any company or private person. No particular restrictions are on them. I'm selling to the first to post "SOLD" or PM for just €150. Paypal preferred as a method of payment or eventually escrow. Thanks
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    Hello Folks, I'm offering the domain name ( for sale. Great domain for a SEO community. Selling because I have no time to develop it. Domain registered at (free push if you have an account there or I will give you auth code). I will accept...
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    New UI from Rook Media

    I will test your service, I have already an account and I want to see how you compare with bodis and internettraffic
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    AffiliateNetworksReviews(.)com @ US$179 - Paypal only, First to post sold get it

    Hello, I'm selling AffiliateNetworksReviews (.) com Currently registered at, free push if you got an account there. I don't have time for auctions or for contacting prospective end-users or I would have already done it. I'm going to sell this for just US$179 to the first one...
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    My Experience with

    Ehm, there's life after Wordpress. Just joking :lol: Yes I use Wordpress mostly and unique content. I wish I could make it on Joomla as well as they told me there are more features, but day by day Wordpress is getting more useful for setting up websites (not only blogs). No way I'm going to...
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    My Experience with

    I'm still on Bodis with my undeveloped domain names. During the last year what I realized is that parking domain names is just a waste of resources. So I'm developing my domain names on a daily basis. On the long run they earn much (but really much) more than being parked, but I'm sure you all...
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    Fossey2 or Fossey3?

    Of all templates on Bodis the two I like most for "untargeted" traffic names or general content domain names are Fossey2 and Fossey3. Do you know which one of the two has the best CTR? Thanks Iron
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    New Landing is not converting well

    Is it just on my portfolio or the new default landing on Bodis is not converting as good as the previous one (the green one)? CTR RPM November 2011 5.00% $7.00 October 2011 6.15% $9.05
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    Some updates I would like to see on Bodis

    I've been a good user of Bodis for 6 months now and it helped me a lot monetizing my domain names. Anyway I would like to see some improvements in the future: 1) More templates; 2) The option to specify an asking price on the "Inquire about this domain name" landing page. It will surely give...
  11. I - 11-year-old domain name

    Selling domain name Estibot Estimated Value: US$1,600 Assume no traffic as I have no direct access to current traffic stats for the specific domain (domain is currently parked with Current Registrar: (you can open an account over there and...
  12. I - 7929 visits since march 15th

    Do you have any updated stats for this domain name? I would be interested in it. Thanks
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    Whats going on at NAMEDRIVE

    Ed (Russell) has gone away from ND long time ago. He has joined the new domain parking at along with many folks from the old NameDrive
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    How ridiculous is this...

    I've experienced that too. There are bid differences in the tracking of visitors among the ppc companies. I guess it depends on "what" they really track. I remember several years ago I had a domain name getting like 2,000 visits/day at Sedo and not many clicks. They told me, and I also...
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    BODIS is in bed with spammers and thieves

    I like Bodis as you can see from a previous thread I opened on this forum. I've read they have an 80% revenue share on ppc. Is it true? Is it possible to know also what is the revenue share on CPA offers?
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    Since you started domaining what has been your biggest regret?

    I guess my biggest regret was to not win a domain name on NameJet. It was one of those domains that comes on auction probably once a year or a couple of years. A category defining domain name. It's related to "business men looking for leasing an apartment overseas for a couple of months"...
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    My Experience with

    Yes, another think that may need change is the default picture for the 2-click landing. Kind of tired of the smiling woman and sometimes it doesn't make a good impression on my forex domain names.
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    My Experience with

    So far my experience with Bodis has been really positive. I've transferred most of my domains to them (I was on SedoPro and NameDrive before). My revenue has increased like 60% and I don't know why. I'm quite sure that both ND and Sedo were eating a big chunk of my PPC revenue. I...
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    Is it just me or Sedo is paying really bad?

    By reading your link to the BW data it seems who is getting most of the fat is the feed provider on the Top of the pyramid (Google). Sedo numbers have been dropping in the years. The NET INCOME column says it all. P.S. beware of those saying they are not evil...
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    Lowered price to US$79
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