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    Offers wanted. No info other than about 100 uniqe hits a months.
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    closed Help!

    Thank you, any others have an opinion?
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    closed Help!

    Hi. I own ConsoleGamers.Com and i need some advice. This morning i got an e-mail with a offer for this domain from an investment company. I need to know how much this domain could be worth, because the amount offered was a big one, for me it was anyway. Can you please tell me what this is...
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    Which one would you use and develop?

    Thank you very much guys, your opinions really helped me out. I was leaning towards ConsoleGamers.Com myself, but was abit unsure. Seeing that you guys have much more knowledge than myself in this area, i really appreciate all you comments. Once again, Thank you ever so much.
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    Which one would you use and develop?

    thank you very much guys. anyone else want to give their opinion?
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    Which one would you use and develop?

    Hello. I would really like some help or some of the dnf-members opinion on this. Well im thinking about making a videogame review site, the site will review the 3 major consoles: Playstation3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. I have 2 domains, but im not sure which one to use for this...
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    closed GameJunky.Com and ConsoleGamers.Com

    Hi. im wondering if you guys would help me appraise GameJunky.Com and ConsoleGamers.Com I would like to thank you in advace for you opinions, Thank you.
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    fair enough...
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    Great gamer/gaming domain! Very brandable and a domain that is very easy to remember. Alot of potential! its parked at sedo at the moment, so far it has about 100 hits a month I asked some guys here on dnforum to appraise it, the feedback i got said that i shouldnt let i go for under...
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    GamersForum .com & .net combo

    Hey KING, can i ask who designed the logo on
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    bump highest offer is 125$ by pm.
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    thank you for you offers so far. highest bid is 120$ by pm.
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    Offers wanted for GameJunky.Com Very brandable and a very good domain for a gaming and gamers.
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    im not sure jdk, but i have been adviced of not letting it go for anything less the a 4 digit number. Reason for the advice was that its a very good gaming domain, very easy to remember and very brandable.
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    thinking of selling So post your offers and who knows, i might sell it.
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    Just seeing what kind of offers this forum will give me for the following domains: any offers will be looked at and taken seriously.
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    Hi. Im selling the domains and Reason why im selling is because im saving up money for school, everything helps you know :) Well not much to say about the domains, not much traffic. But i have had some offers tho, but i didnt take them because i wanted...
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    A Few Domains For Sale!

    Here are a Few Domains for sale. Post your offers.
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    i have an offer for 200$ But want to see if anyone here will top that offer. so all offers above 200$ ar welcome i might even throw in to, depending on the offer. Cheers!
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