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  1. bhartzer Domain Name Reported Stolen

    The domain name is reportedly a stolen domain name. The domain was reportedly stolen from Gregory Soo, and it was registered at Network Solutions. It was transferred to Namecheap. It has been put up for sale on GoDaddy Auctions and also listed for sale at DAN for a low price of $50,000.
  2. bhartzer

    Odd Network Solutions Issue

    I have both a Network Solutions account (from the 1990s) as well as a Network Solutions' Namejet account (all domains bought at NJ get sent over to your account at Netsol). My email address is tied to both accounts. However, one of the accounts I can't get into (the NJ account), and have been...
  3. bhartzer

    Beware of Subdomain Takeovers

    Through DNProtect, we were just alerted to a 'scary' type of loophole in CloudFlare's service. So here is how this security loophole is taken advantage of by scammers: Someone decides to use Cloudflare. They open up an account (there are free and paid accounts). They point their domain names...
  4. bhartzer

    Black Friday Domain Deals

    Are there any domain industry related Black Friday deals out there? Namecheap has a Black Friday deal, domains 97 percent off, hosting 73 percent off, web security 74 percent off GoDaddy has a Black Friday deal, up to 99...
  5. bhartzer

    Sims Domination Runs Ad to Inform about Stolen Domain

    Sims Domination ran an Instagram ad to inform their users that their domain had been stolen. I find it interesting to see that they actually don't call it stolen, they just say that the domain was "transferred to someone without our authorization". I am pretty sure that meets the...
  6. bhartzer

    news Caterpillar Inc. v. Decision

    Interesting case recently decided by the Arbitration Forum. While the domain name could be considered "generic" (Cat Tracks as a keyword, could be considered generic, as in a 'feline' who is making tracks in the mud, snow, or dirt.) But it looks like they decided this based on the usage, what...
  7. bhartzer

    Are city parks considered geographic locations? Would they be a generic domain?

    Let's say, for example, that a city decided to create a local park for its residents. They city named the park and owns the land where the the park is located. As example, let's call it "DNForum City Park". Could you buy because it would be considered a "geographic...
  8. bhartzer

    appraise Please Appraise:

    Looking for an appraisal on my domain I registered it in November 2000. What do you think it's worth?
  9. bhartzer

    Group of 7 Loan and Finance Typo Domains

    I have a group of 7 loan / finance related domains. I would like to sell all of them in a group, but would consider selling one at a time. Domains are at godaddy for an easy push. I just paid for the renewal for another year on these domains. - $20 - $40...
  10. bhartzer

    Group of 12 three-character domains -

    I have 12 three-character domains for sale. Would like to see all 12 in a group, but would consider individual sales. Make me an offer on all of them or BIN (all domains for $600).
  11. bhartzer and

    I'm taking offers for and Would like to sell both together, but would consider selling them separately. Make me an offer on one or both.
  12. bhartzer - - taking offers Taking offers for these, will sell all three or will sell separately.
  13. bhartzer

    Taking Offers for

    Louisville, Colorado was just named the number one "best place to live" in the United States: I'm taking offers for
  14. bhartzer

    Looking for Domains in Yahoo or Directories

    I'm looking to purchase domains that are listed in the Yahoo! Directory ( or in All categories considered, will pay more for domains listed in more 'general' categories. PM me and let me know what you have and which category it is listed in. Paying up to $300 for...
  15. bhartzer

    Group of 7 finance/loan typos, includes

    I have the following for sale, would like to sell all as a group: $40 $80 $40 $40 $80 $40 $40 Includes 1 year registration, domains are at Godaddy. Price listed above...
  16. bhartzer

    Asher Paul Domain for Sale

    Considering all (yes, I mean ALL) offers for this domain, make me an offer on this domain, Domain is registered at Godaddy, all offers considered. Asher Paul Roth is an upcoming artist, is currently all over MTV, etc. UPDATE: Thanks for looking, and the PMs, the domain is...
  17. bhartzer

    Taking Offers on

    I've decided to sell Taking offers for this 3 character domain.
  18. bhartzer

    How do I find .EU Domain Expiration Date?

    I'm looking at the whois of a .EU site and it only shows the registration date and doesn't show the actual expiration date. How do I snag an .EU domain? Is there a drop catching service that does .EU domains?
  19. bhartzer


    Had someone interested in my domain name, not sure how much it is worth? Can someone give me an idea of its value?
  20. bhartzer

    Godaddy/TDNAM Auctions Down

    Was bidding on a few domains, and the Godaddy auctions went down; it's been half an hour now and I only get this message: An�error has occurred, the development staff has been notified. We apologize for any inconvenience. Anyone else seeing it?
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