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  1. TSB

    fixed price 8685389.COM - 7N no 0 & 4 - BIN $39

    7N without 0 & 4, with 86 85 3 Registrar : Namesilo only Push Payment : PayPal preferred -Thanks
  2. TSB

    appraise & - What you think about the worth of these domains. -Thanks.
  3. TSB

    offers Offers wanted on my 50+ domain portfolio (In Need of urgent money)

  4. TSB

    fixed price BRUNCHTERIA.COM - Brandable Domain name for Breakfast+Lunch service

    BRUNCHTERIA.COM Simple, Easy to remember, Easy to pronounce, Brandable and Premium domain name. Very good for Breakfast + Lunch services or mobile fast food service Expiring on Jul/02/2016 BIN $119. -Thanks. Repost
  5. TSB

    offers , 15yr old domain..

    BIN @ $1000 but Offers welcome Repost
  6. TSB

    Adult portfolio, offers wanted Looking for offers.
  7. TSB

    Cant we use coupons with godaddy multiple accounts

    I created my 2nd account with godaddy and tried to use the coupon (tried a lot) while registering a domain. But it seems godaddy was not allowing to use any other coupon once you used it ( i used one with my another account). How they validate the coupon usage, are they verify the IP address...
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    offers - Brandable, 5 letter, easy to pronounce, keyword domain - Brandable, 5 letter, easy to pronounce, keyword centric domain. Registrar : Namesilo Expire date : 6/27/2016 Offers Welcome. Search results for keyword "BID" bids - Monthly searches @ 18100 bid @ $ 1.95 bid - Monthly searches @ 165000 bid @ $ 2.13 bidding - Monthly searches @...
  9. TSB

    offers MARIJUANADEALERSHIP.COM - Looking for best offers

    PM me if you are interested.
  10. TSB

    offers - Brandable and Generic Very Catchy, Generic, easy to pronounce and Good Brandable, 2 word domain name. Best for travel, hotel, courier, online mart categories and it can be general use. Registrar : GoDaddy Time to expire : 7/29/2016 Payment : Paypal BIN : $400 (Please PM me if you want to make a...
  11. TSB

    offers Few of my domains listed with BIN - Best offers welcome. 4VEEL.COM

    Hi, Below are few of my domains which i want to sell and along with the BIN price. But you can provide me your best offer if you are interested in any. 4VEEL.COM - $500 (godaddy) Brandable - $500 (godaddy) Brandable, Generic, Keywords, 2 words BRUNCHTERIA.COM - $150...
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    How can we sell the website (host space + database) along with a domain

    I am new to this domain flip and still in learning. But i got a doubt here, i hope most of domain/website flippers in this industry might know it. We can sell / flip a DOMAIN (from one registrar to another) by simply transferring. But how we can sell/transfer a website, say when my domain...
  13. TSB

    offers - great for sketch/draw/paint/design tool or website

    Simple, generic, easy to pronounceable and related to sketch, paint, drawing, designing category. Current trend is developing .io site and most of the io sites are tools and this name can be used for a website , a tool site or a IDE site. and its on flippa now. Anyone interested PM me. -Thanks.
  14. TSB

    offers a tech domain name is for sale is for sale , easy pronounceable and rememberable domain name for tech related websites. Its available on flippa too. -Thanks.
  15. TSB

    offers Five 24x7* domains for sale (pronounced as 24 by 7) PM me if you are interested.
  16. TSB

    offers is for sale

    5 letter and good one for automobile related websites..
  17. TSB

    auctions is on auction on godaddy

    Excellent 2 word and pronounceable domain name for technology news and latest tech trend feeds.
  18. TSB

    fixed price + 2 more, are sale for $225, anyone interested?
  19. TSB

    Is it good to have domain certification before selling to someone else?

    Is it good to have domain certification before selling to someone else?
  20. TSB

    intro Hello everyone

    Basically i am a web developer, Few years back I've got this idea to join this industry but i didn't. But now its time to join.. Right now I am newbie to this and leaning more about this industry. I have bunch of domains to start with currently. Hope i will get success in this which may require...
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