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  1. S

    4 Char or Less Fixed faq.biz -$500

    Faq.biz Registrar - Namecheap Expires - March 2019 Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow Price $500 ->$400 ->$300 Very nice and short domain at an excellent price Only $300 !!!
  2. pyogi

    Auctions 11n.info @Flippa No Reserve

    Excellent 3 letter domain with 2,900 Exact searches and Estibot Valuation of $1600. No Reserve Auction: https://flippa.com/6921971-11n-info
  3. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Offers NVU.ORG (PR 4) Domain

    NVU.ORG PR 4 Domain Estibot $14,000 - Since 2003 -Perfect for mobile devices Traffic Stats and info link: http://domainindex.com/domains/nvu.org - Registered till 2017 Previous dot org sales md.org- $555,650 diy.org- $60,000 Poker.org-$1,000,000 Date.org-$150,000...
  4. BG

    4 Char or Less Fixed kst.net

    Hi Guys, KST.NET (kst) Popular = Korea Standard Time BIN Set @ $5k (buyer pays fees) Post sold to claim or PM Regards, BG
  5. S

    Auctions 2GR.com - extra rare domain on auction

    2gr.com, This rarerely available quality domain is up for auction https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?language=us&auction_id=194721 Nick
  6. S

    Auctions 2GR.COM - Extra rare domain on Sedo auction

    Hey guys, 2GR.com is up for sale in Sedo anyone interested please submit a bid at https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?language=us&auction_id=194721 Regards Nick
  7. domainstand

    4 Char or Less Offers sold

    sold please post offers, thanks
  8. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Offers SXS.ORG PR 3 Domain 678,000 EXACT SEARCHES ! Also Means SEX, $112 PARK 2 WEEKS

    SXS.org Premium PR 3 dot org with 678,000 Exact Searches (according to Google keyword Planner) and even more in Broad Search volume (in the millions) Recent Parking Traffic stats for SXS.org PR3 Now and then I get good Parking revenue September 1st- September 14th =215 Uniques Revenue for same...
  9. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Offers Lay.info Since 2001 Priced to Sell

    Lay.info Premium dot info Global domain Expires on 2016-07-24 Taking offers above $470 BIN $580
  10. AFernald

    ccTLD 3 Letter .io Domains - Foe.io, Doe.io & More

    foe.io doe.io noc.io lob.io
  11. kevmacmeh


    Fantastic 3 letter .com Jzv.com Minimum offer of $10k please. Any questions? Please let me know. Fast deals via Escrow possible (fees split)
  12. D

    Auctions Uix.com And Xoq.com On Sedo's Greatdomains Auction

    uix.com and xoq.com are for sale at Sedo's GreatDomains auction. https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?auction_id=186243 https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?auction_id=186241 Auctions end 2015-03-26 13:00 EST.
  13. Solcatalyst

    Fixed Price Aqr.us, 1bb1.com, Hchp.net, Hnnh.org And Others!

    FKK.CO - $1000 74S.NET - $150 4DD.INFO - $100 BIH.CC - $200 AQR.US - $100 FYB.BIZ - $300 ESK.BIZ - $50 EGL.BIZ - $200 DEIA.US - $100 KKIK.NET - $400 HCPC.NET - $150 HNNH.ORG - $100 1BB1.COm - $8,000 VCC.MOBI - $100 JSON.MOBI - &100 9944.co.uk - $1000 4114.us -$500 4484.co - $500 6663.co.uk-...
  14. Johnn


  15. italsat

    Fixed Price Bbd.co 150$ Paypal

    for sale BBD.co
  16. aishwin

    Ezm.com 3 Letter Dot Com

    The 3 letter dot com domain ezm.com is a gem to acquire. The domain is over 14 years old. It has lot of abbreviation including the following : ez ( Easy) M can stand for Marketing, Money, Mobile, Machine, Maker, Master, Magic.. whatever you can think of.. the sky is the limit.. ;) To...
  17. aishwin

    Fixed Price Kaq.com 3 Letter Dot Com

    Hi, 16 years old domain Kaq.com is for sale. The domain sounds like "cake". ;) This is a rare chance to acquire ever growing 3 letter dot com domain. The value of the domain will increase with time. You can PM me your offers. Looking for a quick sale. Aishwin
  18. Asaf

    Auctions Ssm.me @flippa

    ssm.me @Flippa Super Rare 3 Letter .ME Premium Domain Name! - Extremely Low Reserve! All Popular extensions are already taken! => Did You Know That the letters M & S are considered "Tier 1" premium letters... READ MORE >>>
  19. aishwin