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  1. yru

    Fixed Price MZU.co

    MZU.co GoDaddy 4-10-2019 $160 Paypal
  2. yru

    Fixed Price 3 Letter / 18 Years Old / UGZ.net

    UGZ.net / ugz.net Registrar: GoDaddy Expiration: 2/5/2020 First registered in 2001 with no drops. $699 via Paypal
  3. D

    Auctions UNDER 24 HOURS: pyy.org at GoDaddy - 3 letter Chinese premium CHIP .org

    pyy.org on auction at GoDaddy. Auction Ends: 2017/06/28 02:00 PM (PDT) Domain registered at GoDaddy.
  4. N

    Some 3 letter .io domains and two generic word .io domains

    Just curious what the value of generic English words like this are with the .io tld. Also curious about some 3 letters I picked up. eaf.io (was thinking that combined with a sub-domain l.eaf.io would be neat for a project, I might develop this and use it for personal use). aup.io aez.io...
  5. AlmightyNinja

    Offers Wanted 3 Letter .info Domain Names : ACJ.info, QLD.info, ZMP.info, URZ.info, ...

    Selling this 3 letter .info domain names - all are registered with Dynadot: - QLD ( chinese premiums) - ZMP (chinese premiums) - QNK (chinese premiums) - GBJ (chinese premiums) - JFT (chinese premiums) - MPQ (chinese premiums) - SZD (chinese premiums) - UET (west premiums) - IQG - ODX - IWY -...
  6. Johnn

    4 Char or Less Offers ..

  7. BG

    4 Char or Less Fixed kst.net

    Hi Guys, KST.NET (kst) Popular = Korea Standard Time BIN Set @ $5k (buyer pays fees) Post sold to claim or PM Regards, BG
  8. O

    4 Char or Less Offers LLL.info for sale

    jgi.info nud.info zlh.info please, make offer via pm or sedo thanks
  9. O

    4 Char or Less Offers jgi.info + zlh.info

    taking offers zlh.info jgi.info pm me or se do
  10. D

    4 Char or Less Offers ephp.com f3.net pyy.org pkx.org

    ephp.com f3.net pyy.org pkx.org Make an offer for any / all. Payment by Escrow.com or DN.com. PayPal for established members with a good reputation with my approval.
  11. D

    4 Char or Less Offers cxki.com ieiy.com pyy.org & more LLLL.com LLL.org

    cxki.com eNom February 24, 2016 ieiy.com GoDaddy November 26, 2016 iszf.com GoDaddy April 25, 2016 oxud.com GoDaddy November 26, 2016 vojx.com eNom November 13, 2016 wcwe.com GoDaddy May 21, 2017 pkx.org GoDaddy June 11, 2016 pyy.org eNom January 25, 2017 Make an offer for any...
  12. X

    Auctions Sold.

    RPU.com - auction at Flippa.com https://flippa.com/5800005-premium-3-letter-dot-com Low reserve met - Current bid is $5,550 End date: Dec 11 Many possible uses: union united utility university user unit updates upgrades unlimited etc RPU.com - Final day...
  13. juanda

    4 Char or Less Fixed RIR.co , NOU.co, OOE.com, JIL.co, VIO.co

    Premium Domain Name: NOU.co Registrar: Godaddy Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: RIR.co Registrar: Wild West Domains (www.cheap-domains.cc) (free push) Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: JIL.co Registrar...
  14. darkNstormy

    4 Char or Less Fixed ULD.co + more 3 LLLs = $150 each

    Liquidating these LLL domains at Godady: Price = $150 each ULD.co JPE.co ONP.biz WLR.biz NUD.cc Post Sold to claim or PM me. Payment via PayPal. Thanks, David
  15. Adverted

    {WTB} CCC.com <$4,999

    I need to buy a CCC.com domain, budget for each name is <$4,999 so please either PM or post your CCC.com and price. Sale would be handled via Escrow service. Thanks!
  16. emaillance01

    Fixed Price RARE!! LLL.me and NNN.me-YES THE ACTUAL LETTERS!!

    These domains are available for sale separately or together for the first time When people say they have or are looking for a LLL or NNN, this is LITERALLY those letters, not some characters that are scrambled or no premium characters! Short memorable acronym rare and once sold it will likely...
  17. cyberorg

    2,3, 4 Letter Domains Fp.biz, Ilu.org, Lezb.com, Adny.com And More

    Hello All, I've updated below domains with BIN prices. Ecop_com or Escrow_com buyer pays fees. Transfer to Godaddy only. SOLD SOLD SOLD ILU.ORG BIN $3.000 SOLD AKRU_NET BIN $300 SOLD BYEE_NET BIN $400 CIFT_NET BIN $3.500 CUMA_ORG BIN $700 EKLI_ORG BIN $200 SOLD SOLD EYIM_ORG BIN...
  18. AlmightyNinja

    $77 Domains - Updated Daily - Idevices.org | Gamecores.com | Listify.net | Lxx.info ... 100+ Domains

    What is the price of each of these domains? Pricing is fixed each of these individual domain costs : $77 or 0.3 BTC (bitcoin) + 1 Year Free on Domain Expiration Date .com: ChewySweets | iFallDown | Komale | Kopama | GameCores | LuckyTemplates | RussCity | CSCartThemes | -SOLD- | AndroidTuner...
  19. Johnn