1. think

    Auctions FingerprintScanner.com, aProposal.com, LineofCredit.net, NeonSigns.net & 8 other aged names @NameJet

    Most names are 10 years or older except WeddingCoats.com. All are Pre-Release Auctions (Public) at NameJet.com. Bidders must place a back order for each domain before the auction start dates listed below. Auctions can be reached by clicking on the names: CustomBusinessSolutions.com Auctions...
  2. E

    WTB- Looking for brandable .com 10 letter or less.

    Please send a PM. Thanks.
  3. V

    Offers Wanted BFLT.com FHGE.com and more 8 LLLL

    For Sale, gjba.com bbvj.com dkuy.com hojc.com aexn.com fhge.com bflt.com qdiv.com zvef.com zejv.com Mainteined all @ Dynadot, fast push, escrow. Looking for decent reseller offers, i want to sale not just estimate the value or potential that i already know. I wouldn't set a BIN, wish to...
  4. Bravo

    Fixed Price AreaOnline,com | 17 years old

    AreaOnline,com Created in 1999 BIN $299
  5. D

    Offers Wanted 28863.com & 988.org

    28863.com 988.org Make offer. 988.org registered at Moniker. Expiration March 08, 2016. 28863.com registered at GoDaddy. Exp. February 10, 2016.
  6. SDX


    Hi, Back up for sale and looking for serious offers ($x,xxx) on this PREMIUM and AGED CCC.com: 8GB.com ... Quick PayPal transactions from reputable DNF members preferred.