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    Auctions and and Auctions

    We have and in Namejet Auction Here is the link to list of Names PM Questions
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    Offers Wanted ( 7,360 Parking Visitors)

    5 Letter Dot Com Domain with Repeating Letters Repeating letters are in demand. Consistent Parking Traffic May 23rd - October 23rd = 7,360 Visitors Perfect for mobile devices. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take ownership of a great dot com domain. Taking Offers All...
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    Offers Wanted ERADICATION.COM (110,000 Exact Searches) ! - Exact Match Domain -13 Years Old Since 2003 - High Estibot and $30,000 Domain Index - 110,000 Exact Searches Google Keyword Planner - 137,500 Exact Searches- domain index - 12.8 Million Google Search Results - Registered till 2017 -A Global Domain -All Major...
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    Offers Wanted (Logo Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Domain Traffic: April 28th- June 24th Screenshot #372 - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Estibot and Domain Index...
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    Offers Wanted RELATES.COM (SOLD) ! SOLD
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    Offers Wanted SOLD

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    Offers Wanted Since 2003 Type-in traffic Taking Offers Above $850
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    MAKE AN OFFER ON EACH NAME All Reasonable Offers will be considered ! Substantial registration time remaining on all domains. I have added some names as well like,, 27 Names have been Sold LITERS.COM SLURS.COM 41,000 Exact Searches
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    SOLD !

    SOLD !
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    Offers Wanted CRAMP.COM Since 1996, TAKING OFFERS,BIN PRICE $6,500 Bought from original owner since 1996 (only one owner) Taking offers above $5,100 BIN PRICE $6,500 !! Estibot $60,000 The domain Traffic Screenshot Below Last 4 days = 122 Type-in uniques $7.35 revenue High Exact Searches and Broad Searches Registered till 2017 Taking Offers...
  11. nubuck Alexa 11,066 Last 26 days received 1,240 visitors

    Seeking offers Consistent Traffic .
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    Offers Wanted Since 2003, Registered till 2017 (Good CPC) SEEKING OFFERS ! Created on 2003-01-21 - Expires on 2017-01-21
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    SOLD !

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    Offers Wanted PR 3 Domain, $169,000 ESTIBOT VALUE, 24,000 Exact Searches From Spotify, Pandora, Raphsody, Apple iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio etc. - $169,000 Estibot Value -PR3 Domain (Helps in Ranking and importance) -23,500 Exact Searches and over 1.5 billion results on Google. With a High Page Rank (PR3) that will help increase ranking in search...
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    Offers Wanted Registered in 1999 Seeking $1050 or Best Offer Created on 1999-08-24 - Expires on 2016-08-24 Seeking $1,050 or Offers
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