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  1. Jami91

    appraise What Do You Think About CryptoHolt.com

    Please Appraise This Domain Name:::: CryptoHolt.com is an Crypto Currency Related Domain Synonym of "Holt" is Hill / Forest
  2. Jami91

    appraise Please Appraise - AbodePayment.com

    Please Appraise This Domain Names EngineGraph.com DeviceFact.com FactInquiry.com AbodePayment.com AuctionAbode.com PaymentAbode.com PayAbode.com TIA
  3. Jami91

    appraise Please Appraise - KinglyCar.com

    Please Appraise This Domain - Kingly Car .Com
  4. Jami91

    appraise DomainScheme.com

    Please appraise domainscheme.com, it have 900+ monthly organic visit.
  5. I

    appraise Appraisal for games related domains CoolGamesFun.com

    Greetings! We got a series of games related domains which were purchased during a branding workshop (in the end of it we selected the one which is not in the list). Could people please help to evaluate them? CoolCrosswordGame.com CoolGamesFun.com CoolSuperGames.com GamesMetro.com...
  6. W

    appraise pogr.net

    I'm new to the whole domain selling community and I bought this to get started. An appraisal would be very helpful! So far, I have only come across 1 potential meaning for the letters "PORG". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President%27s_Own_Guard_Regiment I thank everyone in advance!
  7. adnilety

    appraise Y7.is, H4.is, Bejing.is, HongKong.is - appraisal please

    Hi Everybody These domains/keywords have very high keyword type in rates especially Beijing and HongKong they are in the multiple millions each month. Y7 is a big type in for games and for Australian channel 7 TV. H4 has type ins for Halogen bulbs, specialised pumps and a couple of other...
  8. Nathaniel Fried

    appraise xtubesex.com

    Just bought this domain for $6, any ideas on value?
  9. Nathaniel Fried

    appraise fendihandbag.com Appraisal

    Want to know what fendihandbag.com is worth? Fendi is a massive handbag dealing brand operating worldwide and selling handbags for $500+ Thanks in advance!
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