1. Kazzia

    Fixed Price Three year BRAND BUCKET portfolio - entire 42 name package like

    I am exiting the domain business. It has been a good 12 years but time to move on. Selling everything cheap-cheap and below cost. I will be putting our other 700 names up in various auctions and marketplaces with liquid prices and on here at reseller/cheapest prices. This is a no-brainer...
  2. italsat

    .COM 500+ Brandable Domains listed at BrandBucket

    All .com , paypal payment abruptive95accessmetric85addevo59adpowder119 agrioma129agriplow255airarray185allintuitive129 alphafort198alquora118aisero129amphue85 apparelpass125ascentology32assetden99bacovo115 balozo.com29basiccrowd45beategg69bebava75 beewa.com89bemetro199bevze112bezoi59...
  3. Theydon


    I am buying names listed on Brandroot or Brandbucket. If you have names at either marketplace and are fed up waiting and want to release some funds drop me a PM. I will buy in bulk as well as individually, my budget is between $25 - $75 per name. - must be .com - must be listed or accepted for...
  4. zibero

    Fixed Price 37 Brandable domains :: ::

    All domains are GoDaddy push. Payment via Paypal. $250 $100