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chinese idn

  1. G

    Chinese IDN: 购买.cn

    Hello DNF community, could someone please give me an appraisal for: 购买.cn gòumǎi to buy VERB to purchase NOUN purchase Any suggestions where the best place would be to trade Chinese domains? Thank you.
  2. N


    I'm starting to receive significant traffic to my domain Tsaiing-wen(.com). Tsai ing-wen is the front runner presidential candidate for Taiwan. It's highly like she will become the country's first woman president in the 2016 elections. I would like to offer the domain to someone who could put...
  3. .tv

    竞速.com - Racing.com

    Selling 竞速.com Racing.com in Chinese. Prime term. $699 by PayPal, or best offer.
  4. .tv

    澳门.co - Macau.co in Chinese

    澳门.co (Macau.co in Chinese) is up for sale. 澳门.com and 澳门.net are permanently blocked by Verisign and not available for registration/use. 澳门.co is the ultimate choice for the Chinese People. $1,500 by PayPal, buyer pays fee.


  6. lirui

    我淘.com ( i buy )

    我淘.com Pinyin : wo tao Punycode: xn--wnu15x.com Make your Offer I accept Escrow payments, but I don‘t pay fees I accept Paypal Payments.
  7. Michael Ehrhardt


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * nexus.domains your partner in media since 2006 our mission is to connect you to the world * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * pīnyīn.com XN--PNYN-QYAC.COM make offer
  8. Arturo IM

    游戏商店.com(game Stores)

    Make your Offer I accept Escrow payments, but I don,t pay fees I accept Paypal Payments. Contact with me: WhatsApp------> +34.618.13.30.13 Email: Mr@arthursdomains.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ www.MrRegistrar.com...
  9. Arturo IM

    亚洲业务.com (asian Business)

    Make your Offer I accept Escrow payments, but I don,t pay fees I accept Paypal Payments. Contact with me: WhatsApp------> +34.618.13.30.13 Email: Mr@arthursdomains.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ www.MrRegistrar.com...
  10. Domain Master

    Wikipedia Domain (possibly Korean) 위키백과.com

    위키백과.COM ASCII translation: XN--VB0BJ20AR8HVUJ.COM https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=XN--VB0BJ20AR8HVUJ.COM translation refers to "Wikipedia" go daddy reg expires Sept 12 2015 OFFERS? pm conversation back.... thanks
  11. Solcatalyst

    性别.cn "sex" In Chinese With .cn Extension! Make Offer - Over 2 Million Searches A Month!

    Chinese / Japanese IDN PREMIUMS! 色情.co - 135,000 searches/month $1.59 cpc セックス(.みんな) Japanese IDN CCTLD - 673,000 searches a month - $.98 cpc Accepting offers. Registered at dynadot.com and Godaddy - free push from account to account PM and post please private inquiries contact...
  12. Digiinno

    慈善.机构 And More For Sale

    慈善.机构 培训.机构 尚德.机构 远东.机构 政府.机构 服务.机构 PM welcome!
  13. H

    衣服.机构 (clothes.org)

    衣服.机构 (clothes.org) 25 million google searches per month. PM offers.
  14. Angela St. Julien

    身份保护.com For Sale!

    身份保护.com = indentityprotection.com PM Offers.
  15. Kevin Faler

    Chinese IDN domain BULK SALES (创业.com、辅导.com...)

    The following CHINESE IDN domain names will be packaged for sale, of course, they can also be retail. Anyone interested please send me your offer. 景觀.com 办照.com 嘉宾.com 股民.com 网民.com 柳江.com 潇湘.com 八桂.com 五菱.com 百灵.com 延边.com 辅导.com 玉树.com...
  16. G

    在线电影.org and zxdy.org

    在线电影.org and zxdy.org only 3k. 在线电影(online movie) seach query for about 12000 per day. please pm.payment by paypal or you may auction on coc.cc .
  17. dnol

    媒体.cn Media $5000 get it in 48 hours!

    媒体.cn Media 5000 USD now
  18. dnol

    Chinese IDN 中文.cn 中文.中国 Summer Promotion ------------------------------------------

    Chinese IDN 中文.cn 中文.中国 Summer Promotion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- buy .cn and you get .中国(China)for free now. Please offer your sincere price, for now each domain name is 5000 USD and their price will drop 100...
  19. V

    9 Premium Chinese IDN domains for Sale

    9 Premium Chinese IDN domains for Sale: Domain Name: [Bill.com in Chinese] (see full list below) Registrar: Dynadot.com Date of Expiration: Oct 2012+ I have the following premium Chinese IDN domains for sale: Punycode: ASCII English translation...
  20. tt9000

    合氣道.COM Japanese martial arts domain name

    合氣道.com (Akido aka Hapkido) The Japanese/Chinese martial arts domain name. Which primary focusing on grappling technique, and/or joint manipulation aka submission move similar to jiu-jitsu. godaddy push Bargin BIN $50