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  1. M

    解闷.com (diversion) is for sale - only $20!

    解闷.com is for sale This meaning is "diversion" ,very popular keywords in China. only $20! enom free push! :blush:
  2. gdubz

    Premium IDN - (獅.com)

    Taking offers on 獅.com 1 character domain post or pm your offers. thanks
  3. S

    150 chinese IDN incl 在线麻将.cn (online mahjong)

    I'll be dropping these over the next few months so offering at $15 each (or just wait until it drops!) Some VERY close to renewal time so buyer may also have to pay for year's renewal in order for me to transfer domain (I think I can't transfer if within certain period of renewal?). This...
  4. L

    æ°´ç®±.net etc China IDN for sale

    外诪书.com 水箱.net 狗熊.com 夜光杯.com 愚公.com 微创医疗.com 密封件.net 软件诪言.com 淮阴市.com 混合机.net 金博.com 博弈论.com 装帧.com 乌海.net 感悟.com 地坛.com 新浪潮.com 家用机.com 上海宪物.com 上海食品.com...


  6. M


    bank of jiangsu,a new founded bank. this domain was registered before the bank founded.No trademark problem. pm if interested.
  7. Unregistered

    同志.tv -

    同志.tv - $200 or PM me your price
  8. jeffhuang

    100+ IDN for SALE

    Most are reg at eNom. A few are reg at snapnames. Accept PP (no credit card payment) Please post "SOLD" and PM me. 特快专递.com | | Express Delivery | 200 | 1-Jan-09 特快专递.net | | Express Delivery | 50 | 5-Jan-08 起重机械.com...
  9. L


    密封件.net punycode : English: sealing element 1,010,000 with "密封件" 3,420,000 with "密封件" have 89 AD Price: 20$ 混合机.net punycode : English: 1. mixing plant 2...
  10. Unregistered

    咒.com It is a funny character. It looks like a human face with sharp teeth. ( in Traditional / Simpified Chinese. Name at Enom. PM me your offer.
  11. zenlogo

    新闻社.com - (NewsService)

    新闻社.com English: newsservice simpified chinese at dynadot /nov29 $70. paypal only
  12. W

    股票行情.com stock info

    股票行情.com means:stock infomation 3000$ for sale
  13. jeffhuang

    Lots of IDNs for SALE!!!

    腕表.com Wrist Watch $500 番禺賓館.com FanYu Hotel $1 商务联盟.com Business alliance $4 衛星電視.net Satellite TV $20 紫陽花.com $1 気象予å*±.com...
  14. S

    伊朗.net |

    Thread closed. My domain listing at
  15. L

    100 good Chinese IDNs for sale

    长春快递.com 佛山鲜花.com æ—*锡鲜花.com 韩国美食.com 大连å®*物.com 南京å®*物.com 天津å®*物.com 青岛å®*物.com æ*州å®*物.com 济南å®*物.com 长春å®*物.com 沈阳å®*物.com 天津花卉.com 广州花卉.com æ*¦æ±‰èŠ±å‰.com...
  16. W


    Chinese for designation (bablefish translation) Also means number in Japanese paypal/domainsite PM offers please Thanks
  17. L

    舒心.com etc 6$ each

    Domainsite PUSH,each is 6$,Paypal pay 舒心.com 花絮.com 外è¯*书.com 电å*ä¹¦åº“.com 教书育人.com æ°´ç®±.net 神明.com 招聘培è®*.com 网络作家.com 狗熊.com 棋牌.net 陶醉.com 糕点.net 强者.com å…*一儿童节.com 夜光杯.com 光缆.net 愚公.com...
  18. L


    乌海.net punycode : English:Wuhai City,.population 0.86 milloion 1,170,000 with "乌海" 2,310,000 with "乌海 Price: 20$ 福利.net punycode : English:welfare; interests; fringe benefits 24,300,000
  19. L

    Chinese and Japan IDN for sale

    Chinese separate character 阻.com 坦.com 弯.com 钾.net 钓.net 础.com 绫.com 溶.com Placename IDN 铜仁.net 淮阴市.com Other Simp Chinese IDN 外è¯*书.com 航空模型.com æ°´ç®±.net ä¸*国虎.com 电å*ä¹¦åº“.com 美育.com 分忧.com 花絮.com...
  20. L


    海外.cn English: 1. overseas 2. abroad The overseas trade has become the main project. Chinese IDNs 48,300,000 with "海外" 81,700,000 with"海外" Price: 250$ Register: ä¸*国搜索.cn English: China search Chinese IDNs...