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  1. B

    [shanghai real estate].com, 上海房地产.com, Chinese (through snapnames)

    上海房地产.com,, Shanghai real estate Ends January 9, 2011 12:15 PM PST Starting at $100, no reserve
  2. dn-101

    TELEPHONE .ws Chinese & Japanese

    電話.ws Chinese & Japanese 2012/02/06 Dynadot push /PP MAKE AN OFFER

    Premium 高尔夫.net [Simplified Chinese in]

    高尔夫.net [Simplified Chinese in] punycode: USD $6,000 Creation Date: 19-oct-2006 Expiration Date: 19-oct-2016 Registrar: SPOT DOMAIN LLC DBA DOMAINSITE.COM SEDO Escrow only, I pay fees. Quickly Fire sale, Multiple domain forums posts.
  4. mkellerman

    北京经济型酒店.com Beijing Budget Hotels, 深圳经济型酒店.com Shenzhen Budget Hotels + 4 others

    Budget Hotel Domains 北京经济型酒店.com Beijing Budget Hotels 深圳经济型酒店.com Shenzhen Budget Hotels 上海经济型酒店.com Shanghai Budget Hotels 广州经济型酒店.com Guangzhou Budget Hotels 苏州经济型酒店.com Suzhou Budget Hotels...
  5. I traditional chinese

    taking offers 1k min
  6. R

    学些英文.com [Learn some English].com/[To learn some English].com

    学些英文.com [Learn some English].com/[To learn some English].com is for sale for 6100 RMB or 905 USD. If you are interested please fill out the contact form on our website. Click here for the contact form in Chinese and Click here for the contact form in English. Thank you...
  7. dnol Chinese IDN Starts:$8888

    媒体.cn 媒體.cn 媒体.中国 媒体.中國 媒體.中国 媒體.中國 Six Variations for this ( Top keyword domain! Prime Term! Size: 2 chars. search results=147.000.000 search results=12.600.179 English translation= Media...
  8. S

    World Cup Fever: SouthAfrica.COM 南非 [Chinese]

    南非 dot com Language tagged: Chinese Puny code [XN--]: 6 KR069 M Registrar: Moniker BIN: $400 Verified Paypal Thank you. :)
  9. S

    [Chinese] Club .Biz: 俱乐部

    俱乐部 .biz Meaning: Club Puny Code [XN--]: FJQ92BT21K Tagged Language: Chinese Registrar: GoDaddy Payment: Verified Paypal BIN: $49 Thank you for looking :)
  10. G

    台北.com Taipei The City - $30000 US

    This is a big one! 台北.com (Taipei The City) - $30000 US thx
  11. sellerjin

    名片.com Namecard

    名片.com Namecard Price: XXXX$ This domain is for sale. Welcome you PM.
  12. K

    è´­ä¹°.cn (buy/purchase)

    Dear all, I am looking to sell the following domain: è´­ä¹°.cn Information: Unicode: Translation: Buy, Purchase Registar: Dynadot Expiration: 21/2/2013 Stats CPC: $0.39 Searches/Month (broad): 2.2 million (Source Google ad words) Baidu Keyword search...
  13. sellerjin

    大赛.com,Game, some Chinese IDNS for sale

    All domains is in the ENOM reseller, Give you EPP code If you buy 1-5 domains, the price is 100%; If you buy 6-10 domains , the price is 95%; If you buy 11-20 domains, the price is 90%; IF you buy all, the price is 80% If you can not sure the Chinese or English word, You may search...
  14. K

    GEO Domain for sale 厦门.org

    Dear i am looking to sell the following GEO domain, 厦门.org ( Translation: Xiamen Stats: CPC: $0.29 March Searches:9,140,000 Global Monthly: 6,120,000 (Source Google Ad Words) About the domain Registrar: Dynadot Parked: Sedo Expiration Date: 30/4/2010 About Xiamen...
  15. K

    免费.tv (

    Dear All, I am looking to sell the following domain: 免费.tv (xn--94qu47l) Translation: Free Great domain name, Unlimited opportunities for a huge market. Google Searches: 37.2 million/month Av.CPC: $0.18 Kind Regards Kwikebid
  16. K

    技术.tv (

    Dear All, I am looking to sell the following domain: 技术.tv ( Translation: Technology, Technique, Skill. Registrar: Dynadot Date Reg: 22/4/2010 Google Searches/Month: 13.6 million Av CPC: $0.87
  17. chamac


    Taking offers on the following domains: 謙遜.COM - godaddy 控制.NET - godaddy 審查.org - chamac
  18. R

    三维.tv -

    三维.tv - OFFERS
  19. U


    救援 (rescue/save in Chinese) 繁简同体 Taking offers. Thanks
  20. dnol 媒体.cn Chinese BIN $100,000 媒体.cn Chinese BIN $100,000 媒体.cn Chinese BIN $100,000 This is the primary term for media,so welcome any serious offers