1. P

    .COM FORPCGAMERS.COM - Appraisal

    I picked up this domain name for a personal blog, but I'm thinking about selling it. Could anyone help me value it? Domain name: Registrar: GoDaddy Expires on: 11/07/2021
  2. L

    i got these two domains by accident,is there any value for them ?
  3. T

    Would you buy

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, glad I found it. would you buy It's actually my middle name, so theres a LOT of subjectivity for me, hence my asking here. I believe there's a fashion brand in the UK with that name, but that's the only commercial use I know of... Thanks for responding!
  4. davidnyang

    Offers Wanted 11yo

    ATUMU.COM ( You may consider acquiring this 11-year-old domain name.
  5. EmpireNames

    Droneys Appraisal :) Can anyone help either its valuable to hold ?
  6. zzzkkk

    Auctions at Flippa, NO RESERVE !!! running at Flippa NO RESERVE auction, has 2 bids, standing at 6$ and 5 days to go. Happy bidding ;)
  7. Shelby90

    .COM Registered at Dynadot Make an offer
  8. Shelby90

    Offers Wanted Crypto Payment accepted!, and others

    So, my friends, decided today to try smth new, selling my domains for Crypto. If you have any crypto coins and want to get rid of them, feel free to make an offer. (Accepted at Namerific) (Accepted at...
  9. D

    PR Writing dot COM

    How much do you guys think this is worth? The seller wants $9k (I think they just bought it for $1500 to $2900 and are flipping it to me). I know he is making a huge margin on this but I want this name. But I want to know what you guys think it is worth so I know how much is the baseline value...
  10. T

    4 Char or Less Offers BUGF . com

    Please post or pm your best offers
  11. C

    Offers Wanted MonkeyTurd and MonkeyTurds com

    MonkeyTurd and (s) .com. Make offer.
  12. M

    Auctions VirtualGlasses [com]

  13. M

    Auctions iHelmet [com]

  14. M

    VirtualMovie [com]

    Hi Any value on VirtualMovie [com] Regd since 1999

    Fixed Price Sold

  16. M

    Offers Wanted RoboExperts [com] ARPlanet [com]......and more

    Looking for offers on all these, all based at godaddy for push, payment via paypal, must sell today and all in .com RoboExperts RoboSite RoboEscorts OnlineRobots ARPlanet Bot2 CabCopter CabCopters HollywoodCannabis JackpotAR Robo4u Robotics4u RoboticValley SmartSkates XRHeadsets Throw me an...
  17. J

    Broker -

  18. M

    Fixed Price VirtualBlog {com}

    selling VirtualBlog {com} $1k PM me only!

    Offers Wanted,, + 8 more

    We're taking offers on each of the following names: Multi-forum post, buyer pays...