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  1. dodo1

    .COM Closed

    sale over
  2. Raphael.Vdesk

    .COM soni.com

    22-Year-old Domain. PM your offer. Post Edited. Removed skype Link by Admin
  3. N

    .COM theyearofbitcoin.com // .net

    Renewal Date - 2021 Payment Options - PayPal, BankTransfer, via SEDO webpage Telegram: E-mail: .com: 1900€ .net: 1500€
  4. M

    .COM Domains for sale (brattling.com, posefine.com, finespend.com)

    I'm looking to sell the above mentioned domains from my portfolio. Potential buyers can submit their quote in this thread for all, one or some of the domains before the 4th of January. Minimum offer to obtain all 3 domains - $20k
  5. B

    .COM YFDV.com, YVKT.com & more

    YFDV.COM VZQE.COM YVKT.COM VXQN.COM XWVJ.COM VWXB.COM ZFVQ.COM VYXK.COM Price - $120 per name Expiry: 14 months plus on all names Registrar: Epik Payment method - PayPal, Payoneer, Epik escrow Cheers
  6. A

    .COM Fight-The-COVID.com - €100/$120

    Hello, I sell this domain name : Fight-The-COVID.com I think it has some potential, so I'm selling it for €100 ($120). Some important information : * Registrar : NameCheap.com * Expiry date of the first year : November 25, 2021. * Price for renewal : €11.07 ($13.20). * Payment method : then...
  7. B

    .COM 4l.com lot | IAGX.com & more

    Hello UWUQ.com VCVC, Listed on Squadhelp has 11 shortlists and 6 Strong potential buyers. Type in domain to see. Pronounceable with double U!!! ZNUY.com Listed on Squadhelp has 11 shortlists and 4 Strong potential buyers IAGX.com GX stands for many things. Expiry - 6 month plus on all names...
  8. M

    .COM Ayebe.com @200000

    ayebe.com Just The Domain. No Website. Price $200,000.00
  9. M

    .COM 9 Domains for sale! $25-50 (BIN) | CarRace.info+(biz) | HotProtection.com | BatteryPlate.com +

    DOMAIN LIST ---------------------------------------------- Domain: CarRace.info REG: Godaddy EXP: 09/11/2021 Trasfer: Push BIN: $50 ($15 PayPal) ---------------------------------------------- Domain: CarRace.biz REG: Godaddy EXP: 09/11/2021 Trasfer: Push BIN: $50 ($15 PayPal)...
  10. C

    Broker needed to sell 3 x COVID .com Domain names - 40% commission

    Hi, I am looking to sell 3 x COVID related Domain names, will pay 40% commission on each sale. testtrackandtrace.com - globally recognized phrase now for COVID Test Track and Trace rrate1.com - global reference to the virus reproduction rate of 1 - R Rate 1 contacttraceblock.com - one for the...
  11. W

    .COM 150+ TLDs Reserved mid 90s, parked until now. All Virgin Industry Headings. RetirementCare.Com

  12. G

    .COM vwzo .com

    Domain : vwzo .com Registrar : namecheap Expiration Date : Oct 2021 Price: give me your offers. Thank you
  13. I

    .COM ***SALE*** 46 PREMIUM VEGAN .COMS | VeganGladiators.com, VeganLeatherFashion.com & more

    Last updated on July 18, 13:33 PM GMT+0 Hello, I am soliciting offers for my premium vegan .com domain names. If you think that vegan food is a growing market, maybe you want to check out my portfolio below. The domains will be available only for a limited amount of time. At the current moment...
  14. V

    .COM amazingcrafting.com is for sale!

    Domain : amazingcrafting.com Registrar : GoDaddy Expiration Date : May 2021 BIN Price: 950$ Payment options : Dan.com (I prefer this), Paypal , Escrow (never used it before but if I needed to I will) Thank you and good luck! GoDaddy appraisal : Similar domains on NameBio :
  15. V

    .COM suitesx.com is for sale!

    Domain : suitesx.com Registrar : GoDaddy Expiration Date : April 2021 Price: 650$ Payment options : Dan.com (I prefer this), Paypal , Escrow (never used it before but if I needed to I will) Thank you! GoDaddy appraisal: Similar domains on NameBio:
  16. M

    .COM VirtualGear.com, VirtualRealityApparel.com +4 other VR Domains

    VirtualGear.com VirtualRealityApparel.com VirtualRealityWear.com TheBestVRHeadset.com BestVRHeadset.co.uk VRGear.life Offers welcome on a single domain or all. PM me offers.
  17. fragicide

    .COM 2 Domains, vaultdefender & domainlockr

    I'd greatly appreciate some opinions on these two domains I recently registered. I think I may have jumped the gun thinking they were valuable. vaultdefender.com domainlockr.com Thanks!
  18. zpattern

    Auctions DaddyTraining.com | VitaminReports.com | FutureAffair.com - Live Domain Name Auctions!

    DaddyTraining.com <<< Bid Today! VitaminReports.com <<< Bid Today! FutureAffair.com <<< Bid Today!
  19. F

    .COM xcitrus.com and xproper.com

    Hi there, Please go to www. godaddy . com to complete purchase. xcitrus.com - £20,654.33 xproper.com - £57,832.12 Many thanks.
  20. lelandli

    .COM International domain names for sale, .com, .top, .world,.site,... coingame.site

    Hello there These are the domain names that are being sold coingame.site gosuperbee.com mxas.net oks.life pox2.com v2vz.com TopCasino.world TopCasinoGame.com topcoinexchange.org gosuperbee.com trafficgeek.org trafficgeek.top zup.pw aom.pw Domain registrars are mostly namesoil Trading...
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