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  1. CupidName.com

    .com CasinoLadies.com - 15 Year Old Domain Name Live Auction - NO RESERVE!

    CasinoLadies.com A HUGE market for Vegas, Casino, or Gambling. Great opportunity to own this 15-year-old domain name. Visit the auction to learn more: Visit CasinoLadies.com
  2. N

    wanted looking for LLLL .com domains(quick cash)

    CVCV = $300 - $500 VCVC = $250 - $400 CVVC = $300 - $350 Will buy almost any llll.com for $100.00 Must be LLLL . COM. I am not interested in other extensions.
  3. N

    .com buysellgadgets.com (marketplace , gadgets,digital) industry

    Domain Name:buysellgadgets.com Registrar:sav.com Registry Expiry Date:2022-09-24 Please make us an offer. Payment Options:Dan or paypal bump
  4. N

    .com llll .com domains for sale (2 left) - xisz

    we are selling a package of 6 llll .com domains packages , because we need to raise money for our startup. Domains are : xxxx.com sold xxxx.com sold yuxk.com xisz.com xxxx.com sold xxxx.com sold Registrar: Dynadot Expiry: all next year Payment methods: PayPal, Dan Internal push or transfer out...
  5. H

    .com Selling VisualCasinos.com

    Hi guys, harsh here. I'm looking to sell one of my .com domain "VisualCasinos.com". I quite confused about it's pricing so didn't decide it's selling price. However looking to sell this domain for more than $1k. Thanks. Waiting for your reply.
  6. M

    .com FreedomtoVoteAct.com

    Considering offers on Freedom to Vote Act .com Trending: See political news in the US. For transfer to a GoDaddy account. Offers considered at Afternic.com, Sedo.com, or buy it now.
  7. secura

    SEDO: .co domains sold at higher prices than .com domains

    At SEDO, the average sales prices of the co-domains have been surprisingly higher than those of the com-domains. Does it make sense to invest in the co-domains? Lawyer Dingeldey relies on a SEDO study and writes about the co-domains: "Since the extension was restarted, Sedo has recorded sales...
  8. M

    .com About Hurricane Ida: Hurricane Risk .com is for sale

    HurricaneRisk.com is for sale now. Timely domain in the US. BIN $1190 usd; afternic sales lander is up.
  9. 0xcm1k3

    .com HIGH TRAFFIC domains for sale ( $25 each ) - just4shoes.com & 5 others

    Domains : FreeBonusTips.com [ e.g. can be used for giveaways bloggers / cashback services / ads platforms / PTC platforms ... ] shopofminers.com [ e.g. can be used for crypto related/mining/trading/shop ... ] fitness-drops.com [ e.g. can be used for fitness related-blog / supplement store ... ]...
  10. B

    .com ZSEP.com

    ZSEP.com Registrar: eName Registered On: 2003-08-25 Expires On: 2021-08-25 Price - $275 Payment method - DAN, Epik escrow, NEFT, Masterbucks, PayPal ty
  11. B

    .com DEYG.com

    DEYG.com Pronounceable, Pattern (CVCC) DE - Germany Last sold - https://namebio.com/?s==QDM3gTM2MzM Registrar: Epik Inc. Registered On: 2007-11-02 Expires On: 2022-11-02 Price - $299 Payment method - DAN, Epik escrow, NEFT, Masterbucks, PayPal ty
  12. Haris8008

    .com GunMallUsa.com For Sale! *Min Offer $100

    Venue Epik, DAN, GoDaddy Make offer or buy now for $900 Details: Registrar: Godaddy Expiration: 27/05/2022 Birth year: 6/01/2008 Re-registered:28/05/ 2021 Backlinks/Ref Dom: 597/75
  13. eddyvince

    .com ikeit.com - A 5 letter domain you can own AND other Premium Domains

    First of all, I am a serious seller and open to offers. If I think the price is right, we shall transact, no blufffffffff. ikeit.com laptopdesigns.com easyshortcuts.com sneakersclearance.com capturedstory.com
  14. B

    .com DFFU.com

    DFFU.com Pronounceable, very brandable with repeat letters in middle. Registrar: NameCheap Expires On: 2023-09-12 Price - $650 ty
  15. B

    .com DLJA.com

    DLJA.com Registrar: eName Expires On: 2021-06-13 Price - $350 Payment method - DAN, Epik escrow, Neft, PayPal, Masterbucks Delivery method - Transfer code ty
  16. dodo1

    .com Closed

    sale over
  17. Raphael.Vdesk

    .com soni.com

    22-Year-old Domain. PM your offer. Post Edited. Removed skype Link by Admin
  18. N

    .com theyearofbitcoin.com // .net

    Renewal Date - 2021 Payment Options - PayPal, BankTransfer, via SEDO webpage Telegram: E-mail: .com: 1900€ .net: 1500€
  19. M

    .com Domains for sale (brattling.com, posefine.com, finespend.com)

    I'm looking to sell the above mentioned domains from my portfolio. Potential buyers can submit their quote in this thread for all, one or some of the domains before the 4th of January. Minimum offer to obtain all 3 domains - $20k
  20. B

    .com YFDV.com, YVKT.com & more

    YFDV.COM VZQE.COM YVKT.COM VXQN.COM XWVJ.COM VWXB.COM ZFVQ.COM VYXK.COM Price - $120 per name Expiry: 14 months plus on all names Registrar: Epik Payment method - PayPal, Payoneer, Epik escrow Cheers
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