1. zpattern

    Closed Expires: May 16, 2020 GoDaddy Estimated Value: $1,357 Comparable Domains Sold: $2,395 $2,095 $2,088 $2,008 $1,995 >>>>> Registrar: This domain will only be pushed into your Dynadot account. <<<<< NO RESERVE If you...
  2. zpattern


    Click for Pricing >>> <<<
  3. R

    Adult Dating -

  4. onlinetv

    Offers Wanted Awesome Video and TV Domains
  5. thewizardofsales

    Fixed Price for ONLY $150. (Great domain name for a dating site.)

    Howdy y'all, I am selling for ONLY $150 USD. This is a great domain name for a dating site. List singles in the USA and categorize them by which ever State they dwell in. The first person to private message me with the word "Sold," the domain name is theirs. I will then...
  6. R

    Offers Wanted Russian Dating ,

    Selling ( 10 year old plus domain )
  7. E

    Fixed Price DateLately.COM

    Very brandable domain! Dating classifieds would look great under this domain! Current price BIN is $239. If a buyer comes forward within 24 hours. I'll knock the price down to $219. Let's call it an early bird special. :) If $239 is too much for you, I may be willing to make a part...
  8. ksinclair

    Fixed Price 5L Domains:, more

    Selling two very nice 5L domains: Either one could be a Brand name. Looking for $1,500 each.
  9. dmyre

    Fixed Price - Hipster dating domain - CHEAP

    Ready for development: BIN set at $69
  10. ronabr

    Offers Wanted

    The name says it all. Perfect for: - Adult activity site - Adult Dating site - Adult Social site - Senior activity site - Senior Dating site - Senior Social site - A multitude of xxx type related sites (Meetup, Swingers, Photos, Videos, etc). Please PM with offers.
  11. NameAgency

    Auctions [Flippa] 16 Years old 16 years old Great Brandable for Dating Site.
  12. ksinclair

    Dating Domain For Sale:

    Looking for a nice dating domain? Super Brandable? Just $475 - and off you go! Perfer a quick paypal deal, thanks -
  13. ksinclair

    3 Great Url's:,,

    Looking to sell today by Paypal - $99 - one word plastic surgery domain! - $149 - super brandable, easy dev - $249 Prices firm but if you buy all 3... will do $399. So that averages just $133 each... Post SOLD to claim!
  14. ksinclair

    Looking For A Premium, One Word Dating Url? Offering:

    Looking for $15K for this premium dating URL: Post SOLD to claim!, etc. URL being discussed elsewhere and private pitches too. (If Brokers want to work on this go for it, add your fee on top. No exclusives; buyer simply has to mention the referral). - Kevin
  15. shantee

    Developed (bangkok Chat)

    Every new price will be listed here $950 - $870 - $850 - $800 - $780 - $750- $700 - 650$ - 600$ - 590 510$ !! *The last price in green is the current price and it means can be yours if you decide to buy now. ------------------------- Hello Everybody ! Before going any further...
  16. Paul vt102 - Sold