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  1. S

    .co TechUniverse.Co, ecoIndustry.Co, expressDEAL.Co & more

    Domain designAvenue.co Taken in 34 domain extension expires 07/31/2022 at epik exchangeExpress.co Taken in 34 domain extensions expires 07/30/2022 at epik digitalAdvocacy.co Taken in 13 domain extensions expires 07/28/2022 at epik airdefence.co Taken in 18 domain extensions expires...
  2. amplify

    news Introducing "WWYP?" appraisals

    A domain name used to have to be owned by the user requesting other members to make a domain name appraisal on DNForum. Though, members sometimes would like to know what others would pay for a domain name prior to clicking up that "Buy Now" button. The reasoning behind wanting to know a value...
  3. A

    appraise TheBinanceCoin.com <- How much it worth?

    Hi Guys, I am willing to sell my domain name thebinancecoin.com , can you please share you opinion about it. How much it worth?
  4. T

    Want Feedback on Selling Domains on DNForum and NamePros Auction

    Has anyone had any experience selling any domains through this platform on the sales forums or on namepros for sale forums? I see a lot of posts from sellers posting things for sale but i was wondering if anyone ever Really sells anything, and if so has it been a good experience or are other...
  5. Julio

    news DNForum new owner's interview by DomainGang

    I read the nice interview done by DomainGang. I thought I would post it here so members in the forum can get to know the new owners a little better. https://domaingang.com/famous-domainers/dnforum-interview-with-the-new-owners-george-verdugo-and-kevin-faler-at-namescon-2017/
  6. Mike Cruz

    news DNForum is alive!!!

    Welcome back DNForum... Always nice to have different options!!! Who else is back?
  7. ksinclair

    Poll: Do You Like The New Dnf Interface?

    I dislike the new DnForum. This is a poll to see if others agree. My thoughts are: Missing features - things I used to use, and like, are gone. For example the inbox was very clear, and I could save some messages easily for later reply; and keep folders. All gone; the things I had sorted...
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