domain auction

  1. M

    Auctions Priced Low For Quick Sale

    It's been registered for 17 years straight and it's up for auction with an extremely low BIN. is up for auction at this site:
  2. M

    Auctions All 50 Us States Domain Names Like

    One of the most powerful real estate domain name portfolios is up for auction at Flippa, with all 50 US states domain names in the package -- all similar to Here's the link to the auction to make your bid:
  3. randomo

    Auctions Good-value Keyword Auctions At Namejet:,, More.

    Nice keywords & brandables going on sale at NameJet. I will update this thread as more domains are added. Right now, you can backorder (just click on the domain): (3,600 exact monthly searches for this common product term) (1-word .com, ideal for any cornet...
  4. RedReflex,,,, Accepting Offers. Buy one or all... GoDaddy push - Paypal payment
  5. netider

    Auctions - 14year Old Pure Html Domain Up For Grab On Flippa!

    Link: is now 14years old never dropped domain. Creation Date: 26-jan-2000 Expiration Date: 26-jan-2015 Frequency Searches: 213,000 at: is valued at $2,642...
  6. DomainVP

    Auctions - On Flippa - No Reserve This is an opportunity to own a fantastic name at low auction prices. LawSchoolDegree.COM is at auction right now on Flippa. Auction will end in 7 days! Good luck to all. - Joe, DomainVP
  7. Solcatalyst

    ccTLD And Now Available For Purchase|great Domains! and are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing either domain or both, please shoot me a message and an offer. BIN for each name separate is $5000 Starting offer - $100. Reserve - $2000 If interested in acquiring both domains, will take BIN price of $7500
  8. DomainMagnate

    Auctions - 10 year old premium domain for sale Some similar recent sales: $5,000.00 $1,600.00 $25,000.00 €5,500.00
  9. dancarl

    Auctions 5 Groups Of Domain's At Auction On Flippa. (100 In Total)

    Short auctions on flippa and low reserves. 100 domains in total including some one word domains. Group of .CO's Health and life style a great list of "Non Genetically Modified Organism" Domains. A huge...
  10. M

    Auctions Premium Real Estate

    17- year-old has been listed for auction and will sell to the highest bidder. Here's the link to this premium domain name auction:
  11. D

    Auctions @ Flippa

    Unique opportunity to buy my little babe: Reserve is a low 6-figures.
  12. Solcatalyst

    Auctions And 150+domains Listed For Sale. No Reserve! See Now!

    BODYPUMP.ME $1 reserve - FLIPPA AUCTION 7 day auction for Other names listed, available until June 26th 2014. Start Date: 5/26/2014 End Date: 6/2/2014 150 + DOMAINS listed at auction! GREAT EMD, LLLL, NNNNNN, 3 character, SINGLE WORD, CATEGORY DEFINING and GTLD'S and more...
  13. J

    Auctions For Sale At Sedo Great Domains Auction!

    Hi everyone, for sale at sedo is Bid here - is easily a 5 figure domain name if not worth more in the right hands...

    Accepting offers - thanks
  15. Solcatalyst

    Auctions Premium 4 Character .com - 15,000 Uniques/month 3nbb (.) Com

    3NBB.COM listed on FLIPPA Traffic stats verified in listing. Unique visits - 15,811 - Pageviews - 16,000+ Alexa rank 4 millions SPORTS and GAMES - most common tags/uses for 3NBB Reserve - $3,000 Auction began today 5/5/14 and will end in 20 days from now on 5/25/14 Auction link...
  16. dntoolz For Sell for sale 2k $$$

    Price Reduced - thanks!

    asking $2500 Any offers - price reduced - thanks!