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  1. S

    Australian domain names?

    What is the procedure to buy Australian based domain names?
  2. zpattern

    Auctions - 4 Letter Domain Name *NO RESERVE* Top Level Domain LLLL .com

    Bid today! Expires: April 9, 2020 NO RESERVE If you are looking for an investment, startup a company, brand your organization, build a blog or just add traffic to your existing website this domain name is right for you. A very easy to remember...
  3. namesdencom

    Offers Wanted domains for sale

    state of N.Y congress passed Daily fantasy sports bill now headed to Governor Seeking offers on these short Online gambling domains PM only please
  4. hawkeye

    Fixed Price, and more 4 sale

    Some greatly priced EMDs, Product, Services and Marijuana Domains are up for sale here. - $145 - $150 - $200 - $300 - $250 - $175 - $100...
  5. B

    Fixed Price domain name with domain authority 11 and page authority 21 domain name with domain authority 11 and page authority 21 for 100 $
  6. hawkeye

    Fixed Price - For Sale We're offering this great wearable domain for $100. With one year renewal, $135.00 At Expires 7/17/15 PayPal ok.
  7. hawkeye

    4 Char or Less Fixed LLLL domain - $350 BIN Dyndadot - exp. 2/2016 High offer off forum of $265. Looking to sell for BIN.
  8. M

    Perfect Timing To Sell

    The U.S. dollar is doing great compared to other world currencies. is 7-years-old and up for sale here on DNforum. Feel free to post your offer here or send them in a private message. BIN of $1,950 added.
  9. E Aged 14 Years Google Pagerank3 $299

    BIN $299 by PayPal I used it as a backup domain for years, but I am not sure if was active all of the fourteen, but I am pretty sure it was active and hosted most of the last 7 years. I was/am going to change/end the hosting, so I thought I should try to sell it first. The PageRank and...


    Godaddy. Registered: November 2, 2004 Expires: November 2, 2015 Paypal works for me. PM or post reply here. Thanks.
  11. hawkeye

    Auctions **** Now On Namejet This Premium Domain Name is up for auction at NameJet. Backorder PreBids End tonite 7/25/2014. Click the link for details on bidding etc.
  12. hawkeye

    Auctions - No Reserve. This Premium Domain Name is up for auction at NameJet, with no reserve. Backorder Bids Ending tonite 7/18/2014. Clik on it for more info. 1999 reg, one owner.
  13. DomainVP

    Auctions - On Flippa - No Reserve This is an opportunity to own a fantastic name at low auction prices. LawSchoolDegree.COM is at auction right now on Flippa. Auction will end in 7 days! Good luck to all. - Joe, DomainVP
  14. hawkeye

    Auctions And More At Namejet

    I've got some names on NameJet getting ready to go to auction this week. This is a list of them, and their closing dates to get a backorder bid in by. ---- 7/12/2014 ---- 7/13/2014 ---- 7/14/2014 ---- 7/15/2014...
  15. hawkeye

    ccTLD First Names - And Available

    We're offering two great LLL first name domains - $275 each. at Uniregistry PayPal verified ok.
  16. hawkeye

    First Names - Ted And Lou Available

    We're offering two great LLL first name domains - $275 each. at Uniregistry PayPal verified ok.
  17. - Make me a Fair offer. Dish Network just announced they will be accepting bitcoins. Relevant info - Growth of the bitcoin supply is predefined by the bitcoin protocol. Currently there are over twelve million bitcoins in circulation with an approximate creation rate of 25...
  18. F And More looking for quick sales, will accept fairly low offers, thank you! Please PM me the name of the domain you want and offer.

    Asking $1200