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  2. picassoface

    Fixed Price $200 $900
  3. picassoface

    Fixed Price $1,900 $500
  4. dragonzpit

    Fixed Price

    Domain: Great domain for a dating / cam site Asking Price: 50k
  5. picassoface

    Fixed Price 200
  6. dvestors

    Fixed Price ---

    sale over
  7. picassoface

    Fixed Price $700 The hottest furniture/design on the market. Mid Century Modern is super hot and very cool stuff. "Mid Cent Mod" is how everyone refers to it. "I have a mid cent mod chair i'm selling"
  8. picassoface

    Fixed Price etc.... $200 $300 $200 Now Just $400
  9. picassoface

    Fixed Price $1,000 each
  10. R

    Fixed Price eur 5000 5000 Euro Brilliant short domain name with huge potential for commercial resale Bath is a key word associated with an entire industry segment revolving around the sale of baths, bathroom furniture and products, and bathwear OR Bath is a leading UK city and a major tourist...
  11. picassoface

    Fixed Price $199 $199 (Fulfillment By Amazon) $2,000
  12. davidnyang

    Fixed Price Registered year: 2010 Fixed price: $1,200USD Google search results by 'Enterprise Archive':62,700,000 This offer's expiration is due by 1st Sep. 2017
  13. picassoface

    Fixed Price Like "Discount" names ? etc... Get All 5 for $999 !!! Reseller dream deal !
  14. ninjadomain

    4 Char or Less Fixed SOLD.

  15. picassoface

    Fixed Price $900
  16. dmyre

    Fixed Price $20 each - incl (population 100k+)

    $20 each...
  17. picassoface

    Fixed Price $2,000 Asking high for this one as it's one of my favorites and it has huge potential for a really cool coupon site - "Let the Coupon Cupid match you up with the coupons you love !"
  18. R

    Fixed Price Sold

  19. picassoface

    Fixed Price Very popular product. $700 for the PAIR ! wow, super reseller deal.
  20. Domain Master

    Fixed Price **** ****

    Take a chance. Now more than ever this domain needs to be developed :( Asking $995 but will let go for a good offer. Can I get one now? regged at name(.)com expires May 4 2018