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  1. LarryWentz

    other NameJet exclusive auction platform for private sellers - anyone use?

    I see a # of names in NameJet's exclusive auction platform that are listed by private sellers as well as notice they seem to be hitting the weekly top sales lists at DnJournal. Who here has used them & what results have you had? I don't see what Namejet gets for % of sale listed anywhere on...
  2. Pluto459

    HELP Please. Domains hijacked, called in said you have to email

    Thank you for reading and any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I got email saying domain name change of registration pending. I was supposed to have a lock on my account from years ago when this happened before. I call in ASAP and while on hold 4 more emials come on on more
  3. James Michael Chiong

    A beginner question about registrars...

    Hello! I'm new here, please guide me. :) How do you select a domain registrar when buying domains? What factors do you consider? thank you so much!
  4. D

    other Do you trust Chinese after-market services like

    have been thinking of purchasing and selling on and have also heard of other chinese after-markets. ever had any issues with chinese domain services? do not intend to use ename as many stolen domains either come from ename or wind up there. just talking about after-market platforms. - is...
  5. EM

    godaddy Godaddy Accounts Vulnerable To Social Engineering And Photoshop

    GoDaddy’s layered verification protections defeated by a phone call and four hours in Photoshop. I have some domain names, over hundreds of them in my GoDaddy account.
  6. bergomi

    godaddy Weird Problem With Godaddy

    I just tried to fill out my payee account details so that I could start selling my domains at the Godaddy Acutions. My company and its bank is based in 2 different countries (Belize and SvG). Godaddy does not seem to support this kind of set-up where the company and the bank is located in two...
  7. randomo

    godaddy Discount Domain Club Price Jump

    Just got an email saying that GD's Discount Domain Club pricing is jumping to $9.99/month. I paid $58.49 last year for an annual membership, so the price has more than doubled. My portfolio has been trickling from GD to another registrar, but that trickle will now become a flood. I'm not the...
  8. JuniperPark

    godaddy Godaddy Has Shut Down Support Ticket System - A New Low In Customer Support.

    I just confirmed with their tech staff that you can no longer use email or a support ticket system to communicate with Godaddy. Your only choice is to navigate their voicemail system, or wait in the queue for a "chat session", but even that is available certain hours of the day. But it's still...
  9. Domain Author

    godaddy Godaddy Cmo Named In Top 50 Most Influential Cmos By Forbes

    Forbes announced its 2014 list of 50 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers, and a domain industry CMO is included in this year's list. Barb Rechterman, the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at GoDaddy was ranked by Forbes as the 18th Most Influential CMO for the year 2014...
  10. D

    godaddy $100. Blanket Bidder At Godaddy Auctions!

    It started about a week ago. A number of domains that I bid ($12.-$25.) on at the last minute (5-5:20 minutes before the scheduled close) were outbid within a few minutes. This has taken place almost as a matter of course over the years at GD, but this time something was different. I really...
  11. Domain Author

    godaddy Godaddy Ceo Bob Parsons Ranked 343 On Forbes 400 List 2014

    Forbes 400 list for the year 2014 was revealed a week ago. GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is once again listed amongst the wealthiest individuals in the United States. In this year’s list, Bob Parsons ranks #343, with an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion. Most of his wealth was earned as a result...
  12. INFORG

    godaddy Godaddy Auctions/ Buy-now Question

    This is the first time I have purchased a buy-now domain on GoDaddy auctions that isn't actually registered at GoDaddy. The six days are up and my funds have been verified, but a little unclear as to what happens now. When I purchased the name, GoDaddy charged me a renewal/transfer fee for the...
  13. Angela St. Julien

    Godaddy Account Access.

    Okay everyone don't panic! I did, and my heart is still racing. Something is going on with Godaddy's home page right now, and its denying access to your accounts. After thinking someone hacked their way into my account and changed my password, I called Godaddy only to find that they are having...
  14. MAllie

    godaddy Anyone Here From Godaddy?

    I saw a previous post about GoDaddy's online customer service being removed (at least for UK people) and here in Ireland I'm in the same position. I was able to contact GoDaddy a little earlier through a Dublin number that transferred to the States, but now need to contact the site again to...
  15. D

    godaddy How Do You Empty Cart On Godaddy?

    anyone know how to empty cart when you're on godaddy? have to delete domains from cart one by one and if you got 10 or 20 that's a pain o_O
  16. Theo

    godaddy Leaving Godaddy And Not Looking Back

    When it comes down to customer service, it's a matter of principle: GoDaddy treated my case like a bingo number instead of a customer of 14 years. So I am sticking out the middle finger here, to GoDaddy, their reps, and middle management. This is why I am transferring all of my domains out.
  17. jgukdomains

    godaddy Godaddy Removed Customer Service

    Hi Anyone else noticed that Godaddy has removed customer service? In UK at least, there is only a phone line. is now ignored with a bounce. There are more faults creeping in (they just changed my login to Italian!) so I was rather shocked that they've removed the best way to...
  18. asfas

    godaddy Gd Account Blocked Every Other Day

    My GD account gets blocked because apparently someone is trying to brute force my pass. I then have to reset pass etc etc. I was wondering if other members are experiencing similar problems lately ?
  19. D

    godaddy Godaddy Now Charges Canadians Hst?

    i've never heard of a US based registrar charging canadian tax on domains. and i am not talking about .ca domains but anything and everything.
  20. PKumar

    godaddy I Need Support From Godaddy

    Hello, My Godaddy Auctions Membership was terminated without any warning and reasons. I tried calling Godaddy Support, they are saying the same thing: Thank you for contacting AfterMarket Support. I regret having to report that your auctions account has been terminated as the result of...
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