domain sales fixed price

  1. picassoface

    Fixed Price - $75 $75 Super cheap.
  2. picassoface

    Fixed Price

    Interest has been picking up for this one...... $300
  3. picassoface

    Fixed Price $300 Mens running shoes in German.
  4. N

    Fixed Price 150,000EURO. Buyer pays all escrow fees.
  5. picassoface

    Fixed Price $500
  6. picassoface

    Fixed Price $300 No brainer easy buy for big flip. me.... Godaddy push only....
  7. S

    4 Char or Less Fixed $5k excellent prime domain payment via escrow
  8. picassoface

    Fixed Price $150
  9. JudgeMind

    Fixed Price bin - $15,000 escrow
  10. JudgeMind

    Fixed Price

    Single letter domain bin - $2,500

    Fixed Price close

  12. FreddyS

    Fixed Price

    I am selling this name for $3600. Great name for a company producing or selling false nails. I believe the price is very low.
  13. Bassel

    Fixed Price How about a 7 Years old Price: $899
  14. picassoface

    Fixed Price $200

    Fixed Price close

  16. vmgtch

    Fixed Price (2009) - Bargain Sale

    $25 for Keywords: copper necklaces Registrar: Moniker push Send PM.

    Fixed Price close

  18. Domain Master

    Fixed Price Mixed LOT of 38 domains. Take them all. BIN=$20 ( and more)

    All regged at Namecheap... Expiration date for each is listed next to domain name. NOW $20 for ALL 38 domains. Price could be negotiable. :) (Multi forum listing) 13feb18 28dec17 21aug18 3jan18 27dec17 3jan18...
  19. S

    Fixed Price Selling Whole Aged Domain Inventory Including:

    Hello DNF- I am looking to unload my whole domain name inventory that I have on hand. They have all been appraised at over $1000 to $2000 domain name with an average domain age of 15 years. If you're interested, please PM me or shoot me an email at I am looking to...
  20. S

    4 Char or Less Fixed .