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    Currently listed for auction on our reseller network -

    Currently listed for auction on our reseller network
  2. Furquan

    news sold for $2.5 million

    The premium ultra-hot niche single word .COM domain name is sold for 2.5 million dollars. The seller larry Fischer announced it in a tweet.

    Currently listed for auction on our reseller network-

    Currently listed for auction on our reseller network
  4. Furquan

    news PROPERTY .COM is in under contract

    As per the tweet from Rick Schwartz The DomainKing®, Single word domain name Property(.com) is under contract and Rick will get $36 million from his share. that's a big sale.
  5. Furquan

    info UpwardMoney (Com) sold for $2999

    Hi, I recently sold the UpwardMoney (.com) for $2999 @godaddy Thank you @robmonster and the @Domain-Graduate platform that's where I learned everything.
  6. Furquan

    sales Monster .IO domain name changed hand for $100,000

    It looks like the ultra-premium single word domain names is on the rise regardless of extension. Today I found a blog post announcement by Andy Media on their website that they successfully sold domain name. If you own an ultra-premium single word domain name it's time to revisit...
  7. Furquan

    sales sold by Dave Evanson for $220,000

    Dictionary one word .com domain is very valuable. Dave Evanson announced on Twitter that he successfully sold for his client to the buyer. A great domain sold for a great price.
  8. M

    broker For Sale on Sedo. High Traffic 20000+ Unique Visits All Organic & direct traffic without any ads or marketing.
  9. M

    .com BIN: $2,350

    Domain Name: Registrar: Expiry Date: September 25, 2020 This domain has been registered since 2009.
  10. M

    .com Domains for sale (AppGame,XFashion,TheHistory,TurkishTraveler) all in

    You can submit your offer www. TurkishTraveler .com Teknoclouds Jun 20 - 2021 www. AppGame .org 52 extension is full NameBright October 19 - 2020 www. XFashion .net 27 extension is full NameBright October 19 - 2020 www. TheHistory .net 37 extension is full Teknoclouds November 19 - 2020 www...
  11. C

    .TO domain sales

    Hi everyone, I thought I would post some recent .TO domain sales a "smart" extension similar to .TV and .IO and .AI that's performing super well on both the and aftermarkets. See for yourself: 1,205 USD 2019-05-10 7,200 USD 2019-05-01 5,003...
  12. clasione

    news Namejet's January 2018 Sales Above $2,000.00 US

    "Namejet released it’s January 2018 domain name auctions report that includes many 1-word and 2-word domains and a few numerics. Namejet sold 103 (141 domains in December) domains in January for a total of $459,009 ($859,043 in December)." See the list at
  13. picassoface

    fixed price $400
  14. Visual Media

    fixed price - $950 (limited time)

    Great name for Top Crypto Currencies Review site. Quick sale price of $950 you can buy at the domain url for a limited time (if this sale does not go thru in a week, we will be launching the site)

    fixed price close

  16. picassoface

    fixed price $500 Hate to sell so low, its one of my best faves. But christmas is coming so.....
  17. picassoface

    fixed price etc 5 killers for only $700 total.
  18. picassoface

    fixed price $500 Similar names have sold for 10k.
  19. M

    fixed price $350 & more

    Selling all domains $350 each Sold Sold Or all 4 for $1k First come first served, payment via paypal and godaddy push only
  20. picassoface

    fixed price $900 Pm me..... Will include free !
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