1. V

    .COM - Estibot $150K apprised value

    Domain name: Register : Godaddy Expires: 05/16/2021 Payment: Escrow Looking for offers. Thanks.
  2. A

    Hello. What do you think about this domain's value? Thank you.
  3. A

    Can I use the domain name contains "Amazon"

    Can I buy a doamain name with the name of amazoncoupons like that, Is there any trademark problem occures
  4. Erajeni15

    Letter and Number (Ex: Added Domains How much value in the international market?

    Letter and Number (Ex: Added Domains How much value in the international market?
  5. Erajeni15


    Start: $50 Increment $10 Auction End 3 days after last bid Reg : Porkbun and Free transfer to Porkbun only. No transfer out Payment : Paypal or Payooner ( Payment should be done with in 24 hours) BIN : 150 Info section : - Godaddy appraisal Estimated Value: $1,253
  6. M


    This is currently on Expires: 04/2021 Taking offers or fill free to bid on Godaddy Auction: is being sold by Epik domains for $850,000 I don't think its worth that much, but this may be a rare time that a TLD...
  7. M

    .COM -

    Hi ! I'm selling all my Domain Portfolio. .TAXI .CASA
  8. M

    gTLD PESO.AR for sell

    New extension .AR (Argentina). PESO.AR Available for sell or rent. "Peso" it's Argentina currency. Accept offers in crypto (BTC or XMR), USD or EUR. Direct buy or Third-Party (Escrow, Sedo or DAN)
  9. Z

    .COM Eurox.Com Auction @SEDO - No Reserve

    Domain: Eurox.Com Registered On:1996 Expires On:2020 Auction Link :
  10. E

    Advertisement Edged Host - Affordable, Professional Web Hosting

    Edged Host - Affordable, Professional Web Hosting Web host offering quality, affordable hosting with 24/7 support. Plans as low as $4.95. First Month FREE. #webhosting #domains #webhost #domain #edgedhost
  11. L

    GoDaddy's Acquisition of Neustar, Gives Them a Role in Running Over 200 TLDs and a Chance to Jump Start .US

    GoDaddy's Acquisition of Neustar Registry Operations Gives Them .Biz, .CO, a Role in Running Over 200 TLDs and a Chance to Jump Start .US Less than two months after acquiring Uniregistry's registrar & market and Founder Frank Schilling's massive domain portfolio, industry giant GoDaddy has...
  12. S

    .COM ★★ $1.5 CPC - 18k Monthly Search For Sale

    ★ List Of Jobs .org★ 0ver $1.5 CPC on Adsense 18000 Monthly Search on It Premium Domain . Easy to Remember Small Domain Good Extention Please don't write any negative comment below and Send me private message Buy Now : $650 Registered with : Name Cheap Renewal Price : $14.98 / year Renewal...
  13. A

    45 TOTAL Domains & Websites --->SOLD

    This portfolio is now SOLD.
  14. J


    Approximately 5K to 15K views daily depending on the day. Includes the transfer of content. Currently hosted on godaddy. Has a wordpress site running. Domain registered through 2022. PM me for offers.
  15. M

    .COM 43 domain for sale $600 -

    All those domains for sale for just $600 Those are worth more than $5000 to who know how to market them for the end users
  16. Sara

    Auctions - Established Domain & Front Page With One Owner & Backlinks Since 1998

    Established since September 1999, with over 1200 incoming links and the search engine credibility that comes with it, the time has come for me to let this piece of internet history go. The sale includes the front page of the website, as the rest of the content has other copyright obligations...
  17. R

    .COM Brandable domain - RIBBERG.COM

    RIBBERG.COM high potential for ecommerce businesses.E-mail me. The logo for the domain is optional. Price $ 15,000
  18. B

    .COM Unique Domain for Sale....

    Hello, all of you. I would like to sell this domain: Created: 16/02/2020 Expires: 15/02/2021 Registered at: Expected Price Range: 512 USD - 1,024 USD. Payment method: Paypal, advcash.webmoney, coinbase. Domain transfer: Push in the...
  19. Z


    Please visit to access and purchase the domain.
  20. N

    .COM Domain.Markets

    Domain.Markets Premium domain for a domain marketplace. no premium renewal. Reg- Epik expire- 28-09-2020 push or transfer out both available Payments: Paypal, Escrow,dan etc. Expected Price Range: $XXX only POST YOUR OFFER PRICE HERE OR DM ME. :)