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  1. S

    Offers Wanted

    Hello, these domains are for sell - - thanks
  2. Sara

    Auctions - Original Mac Website & Domain For Sale, Superb Linkage, Established Since 1997

    Have you ever thought of owning a Mac website, rich in content and steeped in history? What about getting hold of one of the originals, with thousands of incoming links, and with the search engine authority which comes with it? I am reluctantly selling, registered at the start of...
  3. zpattern

    Closed Expires: May 10, 2020 GoDaddy Estimated Value: $1,433 Comparable Domain Name Sales: $2,120 $2,000 $1,500 $1,200 $600 $500 >>>>> Registrar: This domain will only be pushed into your Dynadot account. <<<<< NO...
  4. Cyril.Best

    Hello from the .Best Registry !

    Hello Folks, I am the new owner & CEO of the .Best Registry. I am here to answer all questions that you can have about the .Best. All the .Best for your domains and your business, CF
  5. K

    .COM InternetWebSearch - Potential Search Engine? InternetWebSearch Possibilities: Search Engine Home Page Thx!
  6. thewizardofsales in auction on Sedo. Reserve price has been met.

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name in auction on Sedo. Please click here to be taken directly to the auction. Reserve price has already been met. 7 day auction. Bid now before it's too late. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you...
  7. S

    domains including

    i have following domain names can you suggest me price to sell these domains
  8. zpattern

    Auctions - Premium 4 Letter .com Domain Name on Live Auction at GoDaddy

    Great investment opportunity on a four letter .com domain name Get your bids in today:
  9. M

    you have to know before buying e old domain on new domain

    Pick a short area, with a greatest of 20 characters. The individuals who pass this expansion may appear spam. Make it simple to compose and spell, consider when you need to offer it to individuals, that they comprehend it the first run through. On the off chance that conceivable and...
  10. R

    How can I redirect many websites to one domain without hurting SEO?

    If anyone know explain please.
  11. O


    domain for sale: reg: godaddy looking for offers
  12. L

    .COM Domain Appraisal

    3DYO!com I keep renewing it out of habit I guess. Been a while since I've been around these parts, estimates welcome, thanks! L2
  13. RUUR

    ccTLD Create your own endless 3rd level names

    Most ccTLDs have reserved the APP.ccTLD after .app was announced so this is a rare one folks! CR is Costa Rica, the most popular domains in CR are actually at the 3rd level. I only need one example to prove my point: (just like Thinks of the endless 3rd level names...
  14. I

    Confused between .site, .xyz and .info

    Hey, I need to bulk register a couple of domains and I'm confused between .site, .xyz and .info. Namecheap is currently giving .xyz for $0.99 a year. And Dynadot is giving .info and .site for $1.99 a year. Both offer free WHOIS as usual. Now which domain to choose? It will be for Affiliate...
  15. A

    Domain Sell Idea

    hello friends i have 3 domain i want to sell tell me how can i do this where i can sell my domains ???
  16. I

    Domain words query

    Hey, I'm about to register a domain and I'm stuck on this thing - Just for example purpose, I want to add the word "reviews" in my domain. Now I see that is already registered via WhoIs but when I search in the browser, I get this screen: That means the website is not function or...
  17. T

    9 Tips For Buying The Right Domain

    Choose a short domain, with a maximum of 20 characters. Those who pass this extension may seem spam. Make it easy to write and spell, think about when you have to give it to people, that they understand it the first time. If possible and available, always choose .com domain extension as the...
  18. V

    NEWS .Top shares over $3million in sales data with Namebio

    .Top shares over $3million in sales data with Namebio Check
  19. H

    .COM wtiprice

    hello, i would like to get my domain appraised by professionals i got some offers already but i dont know if should take these offers or not because for some reasons i think they low wti....price..., com no dashes btw , just plain simple words wti is another type of crude oil ( light one...
  20. A

    Help appraisal my domain

    Hi all, I have read that multiple domains for appraisal should be listed in one thread, so your opinion are appreciated here: * (mine and bitcoin terms) * (related in bahasa, 'tempat' means 'place' and 'in' refers to 'something trending' looking forward your opinion...