1. durenmingok

    discussion What`s your favourite word?

    What's your favourite word? I'll go first — LIFE—— life(@)com is a good web Share your favorite word and let us discover more and more interesting sites Thank you very much and best wishes
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  3. amplify

    opinion King of the domains: .COM

    The sentiment that the king of the domain name space is .com has been true ever since I started domaining around 2008. I personally like to keep a good balance of .com, well beyond anything else. Why is .com king? has a couple of reasons to make their case. They mention history, which...
  4. amplify

    news GoDaddy welcomes four porn TLDs if we needed more than 1 of the most descriptive, .xxx... The four gTLDs that can now be registered on GoDaddy are: .xxx, .porn, .adult, and .sex. The oldest, .xxx, was launched in 2011. It has the greatest number of registrations at 55,000 domains. The second most used adult top-level...
  5. durenmingok

    discussion Does the domain name take your time???

    How long does the domain name occupy you every day? And what`s your job? Are you a full-time Domainer ? I am
  6. jayproff

    discussion For what reason are normal words commonly not utilized as space names?

    I see effective new businesses in the two camps of this (utilizing normal words versus novel names for their area) Normal words model: (purchased by Amazon), the organizer then, at that point proceeded to construct which just got offered to Walmart for $3bn.
  7. durenmingok

    other help you define your name

    SWD@COM A platform can customize your Langding Page in your own opinion Let your premium domain name more personality You can try it

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  9. B

    traffic Liquidate 26 Domain PaymentApp. Co ,M-Banking.Co and Earnings from parked domains

    Buy 1 and get all these domains Registrar : All domain registered at Epik Reg : (Check on File Attached ) Expired : ( Check on File Attached ) Traffic : (Check File Attached ) Earning Stats ( Check File Attached ) Push / Auth Code Payment : Paypal / DAN / Epik with in 24 hours Some of...
  10. I

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    .com - for sale Registered since 2000 xxx - You can make a special offer

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    Hi I want to sell my super-premium Alpha Numeric Domain name on sale USANEWS24.COM OFFER TO OTHER OF THE SAME CATEGORY AS BELOW:- ULTRA365.COM FIFA24.COM

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  17. durenmingok

    discussion Trading domain names with cryptocurrency

    Anybody knows of a platform that uses cryptocurrency to trade domain names? If domain names could be traded in cryptocurrency, would you? What do you think?
  18. blessed2370

    appraise you can appraise
  19. RubyDomain

    .com Some Business Domains:,,. etc. - price $48 - Namesilo Marketplace Related Domain: (taken) (taken) (taken) (taken) - price $68 - Namesilo Marketplace Related Domain: (taken)...

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