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  1. mr-x

    Drew Wash - From Domain to Profit

    I've been watching Drew's show From Domain to Profit on youtube. I got to give it the guy, he does not quit. Technical problems, poor connections, on the road or not Drew produces a show on schedule. Drew owns towing.com, djs.com, photoboths.com, transportreviews.com and develops domains...
  2. Portingo.com

    Currently Listed For Auction On Our Reseller Network- Lapy.org

    Our Current Auction Listings on our Reseller Network https://tinyurl.com/4yy978n3

    .com BlackHatDaddy.com

    Offers Personal Message. BitCoin Domain:- indbtc.com Daddy Attached Domains - BlackHatDaddy.com MafiaDaddy.com DaddyMafia.com Pharma Category Domain - edrug.in Cipla.Ltd SpecialtyMedicines.net SpecialtyDrugs.net Palbace.com Ayurved.store drugs.net.in drugs.org.in firstonlinepharmacy.net...
  4. R

    What is Domain Portfolio Management?

    Reg.Asia is digital brand protection and domain management company, a division of Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), one of the world’s leading ICANN accredited domain registrar. Has 19 years of experience in IT industry, we specialise in domain portfolio management for brands and...
  5. T

    .com storecoins.com For Sale

    Registrar: Network Solution Godaddy Appraisal Value : $3,366 Registry Expiration: 2021-07-03 Payment Options: Escrow , Srill Submit Your Offer Via PM Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $2 per click to advertise under store coins Great Name For Investors Looking For 5k+ offers
  6. R

    .com 5 letters Xhoya.com for sale

    Name: Xhoya.com Registrar: Hostinger Price: offers PMs welcome
  7. Z

    .com cloudplug.ca / whatpaleodiet.com / nycdirection.com and more

    Registrar : Namecheap Renewal Price: .com = 12.98 .ca = 13.98 Expiry : May 16, 2021 Price : Please make me an offer Payment Options: Escrow, Dan.com, (msg if this doesnt work for you!) I also have other domains available! Here's a list: cloudplug.ca whatpaleodiet.com nycdirection.com...
  8. R

    .com Brandable .com Domains aworry.com

    Brandable domains names for sale. argoan.com arculite.com ampullar.com axiolite.com aworry.com mullid.com musketo.com forkmen.com multicuisinecafe.com waiteran.com okapine.com xhoya.com skaney.com chewaz.com eurotically.com oystry.com jewellerio.com gerwoman.com sylhetia.com ohmux.com...
  9. M

    expiring soon SaveFiles.Online

    Want to sale a premium domain Save Files Online www.savefiles.online
  10. Y

    A Japanese pop star has blocked the development of China‘s domain name market

    With the continuous development of the Internet in recent years, the domain name industry has begun to rise rapidly. In the domestic market, the layout of enterprise domain name strategy focuses on Pinyin domain names. Most of these Pinyin domain names are those that can reflect the...
  11. Portingo.com

    advertisement www.portingo.com - The Most Affordable Marketplace - Zero Listing Fees - 5% Brokerage on successful sale

    Dear Domainers, Portingo is a legally registered marketplace for domain name investors and domain flippers. The platform is fairly straightforward to use. Listing of domains/websites is absolutely free. The 5% brokerage charged by Portingo on a successful sale is the lowest in the industry...
  12. F

    fixed price TailoringGuide.com

    Hello all! TailoringGuide.com is at https://flippa.com/6838840-tailoringguide-com No reserve auction! Auction is currently at only $11. This domain is excellent for a website or app for people to learn and improve their tailoring or sewing skills. - over 50,625 EXACT average monthly...
  13. O

    fixed price .....

  14. dancarl

    cctld Expressdelivery.ca Plus 296 Other .ca Domains

    Looking to move some Domains, here are 297 .ca domains. ExpressDelivery.ca $x,xxx Serious offers please. AcneForum.ca $xxx ACRM.ca $xxx AirTools.ca $xxx Aliases.ca $x,xxx AllSpice.ca $xxx Amend.ca $x,xxx Android-Apps.ca $xx Aphrodisiac.ca $x,xxx AquariumLighting.ca...
  15. Domain Author

    Brown Shoe Co. Sells Shoes.com Business

    Publicly traded Brown Shoe Co has sold its Shoes.com online business to online shoe-seller SHOEme. SHOEme operates Shoeme.ca/com and OnlineShoes.com. Hardy Capital acquired both of these companies earlier this year. SHOEme CEO Roger Hardy said “Predominantly, we’re acquiring the assets. That’s...
  16. Domain Author

    Stratup That Moved From Wedgi.es To Wedgies.com In Less Than $10,000. Interesting Read!

    The startup Wedgies.com recently got a funding of $700,000. There is a nice story of the domain acquisition of Wedgies.com by its co-founders moving from the initial ccTLD that they were using - Wedgi.es. The process of acquisition involved risking $500 initially. However, it turned into their...
  17. Domain Author

    news Another 7-figure Sale. Qnb.com Sells For $1 Million

    The 3-letter domain name QNB.com sold for $1 million. QNB Corp. sold their three letter domain name QNB.com to a foreign bank - Qatar National Bank and they moved to QNBBank.com domain name. This is the fourth 7-figure sale in the past 5 weeks after Power.com which sold for $1,261,000, Z.com...
  18. BelgianGuru

    Babyglock.com Barouge.com Daysparesort.com Chatprive.com+8 Others !!closing Soon

    Hot Sale Special premium domain names discounted Adistantsecond.Com $99 Amslots.Com $99 Baralto.Com $99 Buckshoes.Com $99 Luetin.Com $149 Barouge.Com $149 Chatprive.Com $199 Daysparesort.Com $199 Earsring.Com $199 Harticle.Com $149 Cameradigital.Biz $399...
  19. Domain Author

    Mobile.co Buys Mobile.co.com And Movil.co.com

    The mobile micro-jobbing and freelancing site Mobile.co recently acquired the domain name Mobile.co.com and Movil.co.com in a deal brokered by Igloo.com The domains were reportedly bought for $32,000. .co.com is a typo in the countries that offer domains under .co.ccTLD format, which may be the...
  20. Domain Author

    Koko.com Domain Name Sells For $100,000

    iGenesis Limited recently sold the domain name Koko.com for $100,000 Creation of the domain dates back to 08-10-1998. The seller did not register the domain himself. Instead, they acquired the name in 2005 for $12,000 The new owner of the domain is someone from China and the registrar is Ename.
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