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  1. ArturoIM

    external Domaining.es

    Registration date : 30/07/2006 Expiration date : 30/07/2021 Payment Options - Escrow, SEDO, DAN or Bank Transfer Registrar Info Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL .. If you are interested contact me . Contacto@dominio.com.es
  2. Siful Moni

    discussion Some Success Records of Bangladeshi Domainer in Last 1.5 Years !!!

    Few Days ago I've posted a thread where I've mentioned that there were a few domainers in Bangladesh. Here is my previous thread "Domain Industry in Bangladesh" Actually domain industry in Bangladesh growing rapidly. In the last 1 year it has expanded 10x faster than ever here. People are...
  3. Furquan

    Domain Tools That I Use Daily

    Learning never stops, I always love to use new tools that's make my domain name investment simple and helpful. Here is the list of tools that I use for my daily domaining activity. ExpiredDomains.Net I use this tool daily to check out the domain names, dropped, auction or pending delete...
  4. helmuc

    Domain Name business livestream is going live in 1hr time (8PM UK time / 3PM Toronto, CA)

    Domain Name business livestream is going live in 1hr time (8PM UK time / 3PM Toronto, CA):
  5. Furquan

    Domain Outbound Marketing - Tools I use to Collect The Leads.

    Hi Everyone, I have often read and got a message from new domain investors about how to research a lead. In this post, I will share the tools which I use to collect the lead for doing outbound. 1. Google Google is the best and first place to see the business listed with a particular...
  6. M

    .com ..

  7. D

    auctions aeroplane.com & kontrolle.com (German for control) at Domaining Europe

    aeroplane.com (Aeroplane and airplane are different forms of the same word. Aeroplane is traditionally preferred in non-North American varieties of English.) kontrolle.com (German for control) both in the Domaining Europe 2017 auction by Undeveloped. auctions end 26 May 2017, 16:00:00 CEST
  8. EM @MAJ.com

    offers End of my Domaining EM@Maj.com - Ayaw.com, TeenUK.com and many others.

    End of my Domaining. I'm selling most of my Domain Assets that I hold for many years so I can concentrate to a manageable projects. These are aged domain names, please no low ball offer. Reply or email EM@MAJ.com to make an offer. I have close 700+ domain assets. I will update this thread with...
  9. Johnn

    fixed price ..

  10. chipmeade

    offers Domaining Names...NamingLab.com & more

    Looking to showcase your domains? Sell, buy, blog or provide domaining services? These are perfect. Aged & descriptive. NamingLab.com BlueChipNames.com Make your offer here so everyone knows what they are up against. Cheers.
  11. Dotted

    offers Flipa.com - 17 Years Old

    Flipa.com Registered On 1999-10-25 Not to be confused with Flippa. Flipa from the spanish Flipar meaning "flipping", or getting crazy or wild. It can also mean ‘to love something’. No traffic stats but probably in the thousands/day. Offers in the $xx,xxx range. Payment via Escrow.com.
  12. mvl

    short Domaining With The Stars - DWTS(.)net

    DWTS.net Nice recognizable four letter .net Offers invited Domain is regged at GoDaddy
  13. Nasrin Islam

    How to start?

    Seeking for advice from established domainer.
  14. Ryman123

    Review my top 3 fav domains in my profile

    Review my top 3 fav domains in my profile. Just take a look and let me know what you think it's worth. LuxuryMiamiBeach.com Maladapted.com InfraredDisplay.com
  15. graham

    auctions Closed

  16. Howie Crosby

    auctions Dnsal.es Ends Monday 28th July.

    DNsal.es Ends on GD Monday 28th July.
  17. Everydayy.com

    What Is Missing In The Domaining World

    What do you guys think the domaining world is missing? Is there something you wish you had? Maybe a tool or something that would make your job easier?
  18. Bill Roy

    You Never Stop Being A Domainer!!!!!!!!! ;o)

    I thought I had 'retired' from domaining, that is until about an hour ago when I suddenly found out that at best I can be described as 'semi-retired'. There I was just taking a few minutes browsing post titles and suddenly I became fully alert - did I read that right? Was that really the...
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