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  2. I - PR, visitors and rankings.

    Ex-halal related website. Been parked for about 2 years now. Still ranks for it's named term even with no website. Have only just switched parking providers and these ones provide actual decent stats. Here's what I have so far. Thanks Mike
  3. tbtb over 5k unique/month

    SEDO stats: Looking for serious offers ...
  4. S


    Prizes(For)Points .com domain name for sale. Generates ~1000 uniques monthly with ~$15 revenue per month. Stats from Sedo: Domain is on Price: $500 BIN OR BEST OFFER.
  5. sodeko , , , 100% type in traffic typos

    Domains for sale all of them have 100% type-in traffic (typo of stats/rev: traffic source: -- (typo of stats/rev: traffic source: --
  6. I 5000+ visitors a month

    Never really got to develop this one. Started off a directory but ended up spending too much time on my other sites. It used to be a directory with another company years ago, I bought it at auction in 2009. Still ranks in Google for halal terms (no.2 for "eat halal" and that's WITHOUT a website...
  7. K

    Unique domain: | 100+ daily uniques

  8. 7721

  9. V

    2P (dot) net averages over 2000+ uniques a day

    2P (dot) net Rare 2 character domain name. Branding options 2P - 2player. I was using the site as an internet portal. Averages over 2,000 unique visitors a day. Over 60% from the United States and is well indexed. Easy to use system based off modified kwikcontent one set of files for...
  10. typo traffic domain !

  11. uclaboyz & combo

    stats for the past 12 months is here: Looking for a 5-figure offer for the pair. Yes, that would mean a lifetime's break-even but I'm sure you'll agree the name itself is worth the asking price even w/o the icing...
  12. T

    Small portfolio $5K/yr rev

    Small portfolio consisting of 40+ names which generates $5K/yr. 99% Type-in/direct traffic. Please PM me for details. "sensitive names" *Serious buyers ONLY!
  13. K - Repost (75,000 unique/mo) - GA Statistics

    Hi, I was not able to provide Google Analytics stats in my previous thread, so it was closed. Google Analytics have been running for a day now, not a lot but better than nothing :( Savefile used to be a huge file Hosting service with close to 2 million registered members - still have a tons of...
  14. K (~100.000 unique/mo)

    I want to sell Savefile used to be a huge file hosting service with close to 2 million registered members - still have a tons of links on forums, blogs etc. - all indexed by Google."" Main page used to be PR5, not sure anymore...
  15. E

    Offering: 823,000 Visits in last year. Registered and maintained since 2006. This domain/Website has major potential for someone looking to develop it to support Jeep Clubs on a national level, I was using it on a local level and has done very well for what I...
  16. andrejc - A premium typo domain making $250 monthly

    I'm looking to sell, a premium typo domain making almost $250 per month on average. The screenshots below show revenue over 1 year period (from Feb 2012 until 18th Feb 2013) and were provided by the previous owner who had the name parked with SedoPro. As I don't qualify for a...
  17. V

    FRIV dot CM -- 195000 Yearly Visitors with Revenue

    I have owned this domain for years now and seen the traffic volumes grow each year. This is a solid game typo which can be made into a game website/parked/traffic redirect to another game site. The parked revenue could improve even more with proper optimization and kw modifications. This...
  18. DomainsForSaleDotMe - A Marketplace For Landing Pages And Related Solutions

    This is a premium one word domain name developed into a marketplace for landing pages and other related solutions. I actually really like the idea and wished I had more time to dedicate to it. I have not been keeping up with it since early 2012. It does have members, but I will admit many of...
  19. V - $80/month - $80/month Revenue: around $80/month ( at Parking ) Traffic: around 30~40 Visits/day Alexa Traffic Rank : #6,xxx,xxx # Screen Shot of Stats Daily - [2013-05-01 ~ 2013-05-30]...
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