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    Closed .

  14. I

    .COM Appraisal for games related domains

    Greetings! We got a series of games related domains which were purchased during a branding workshop (in the end of it we selected the one which is not in the list). Could people please help to evaluate them?
  15. S

    Appraisals Please- + 3 More I know this one is a bit long, originally bought for person use in a sub of the "MMO" niche Even longer! Haha. Bought for a metaphysical/spiritual ecommerce store 5 Letters! Bought for an eco-friendly/environmental shop
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    Hi community, I'm an opensource developer and have multiple dev tools and scripts, mostly for web dev. I'm trying to group all libraries or at least most of it under one of those 2 domains ( o and I want your help to decide or one. JSloth: Is short, also has the JS...
  18. clasione

    NEWS Super, Great Week for Liquid Domains Worthy of Very – Very Close Inspection!

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