1. Gokay

    Fixed Price Two Words Brandable and Precious .com's !!! (High Traffic, but not have numeral values) Registrar:GoDaddy Pm me your offer,please. Thanks ;)
  2. E

    Fixed Price Crazy Sale $8 only | | etc...

    Clearance Sale All domains $8/each 3 domain or more is $6/each need to cash out some money fast Post ' Sold' to claimed Push to the same registrar only (, .COM domains ~SOLD
  3. S

    4 Char or Less Fixed YGUX VXPR VXUV XEHB Aged LLLL.coms

    All are 9 or more years old PR 2 1000 1200 900 700 Will discount offers for all four you can go to each domain to make offers or PM me
  4. U

    Fixed Price,,, and more.....

    Friends, Below are domains which are registered in all 6 TLDs : com/net/org/info/biz/us Estibot value range is $ 1000 to $ 9100. All Domains have Buy It Now price at $ 500. Grab them while they are available. All payments by paypal/direct deposit/wire transfer. Post Domain name Sold to...
  5. AXN

    Offers Wanted Selling 130 domains

    Hi all, I would like to sell ALL these domains. Some of them are over 15 years old I am looking $xxx,xxx for the lot
  6. A

    Looking to quit my day job

    Dear Readers, I am looking to build a website similar to but want a more established brand. I am looking to compensate a developer up to $10,000. I am, and have been, very interested in the business of domains and find it as a safe investment considering people spend 10k on cars...
  7. Dotted

    Auctions Portfolio of 40 premium dictionary words .YT (short for "YouTube") domains @Flippa

    Let us introduce you to the most extensive portfolio of effective “get around” domains for competing with the new .YouTube gTLD. More than the internet country code top-level domain for Mayotte, part of the registry for France (free of third world hosting), .YT are the initials of the internet’s...
  8. Lowe's Online Operations

    Fixed Price 9 premium brandable, high traffic, domains - under $250usd each!

    9 premium brandable, high traffic, domains, - under $250usd each! Please make offer! Lowe's Online Operations
  9. kobe143

    Offers Wanted For Sale

    Looking for offers for Godaddy Push