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  1. P

    Fixed Price 58 domains after $30

    Transfer of domains through GoDaddy. PayPal payment. First come first served. List of domains:
  2. Dotted

    4 Char or Less Offers including & ultra premium ("coupons" in french)

    Selling the following, get them while they're hot. IPCD.COM $x,xxx offers LEZQ.COM $xxx offers BONS.COM (coupons in french) $xx,xxx offers Previous sold on DNF: TBNY.COM BRNY.COM
  3. kobe143

    WTB Chinese Letters only

    Seeking domains starting with BJ CN SH ZG SZ GZ TJ CQ WH HZ WX NJ QD No AEIOUV. No exceptions. Quoted price depends on the patterns: ABBCC, (3 letters, lowest preference) ABCCC, ABBAB, AABAB, ABABB, (2 letters, preferred) ABBAA, ABBBA, ABBBB, ABAAA AAAAA (1 letter, highest preference)...
  4. kobe143 Market Is Booming. Last 3 Letter Combo bought out yesterday

    Yesterday, a group of investors bought out the last 3 Letter Combos left in the market market and only a very few patterned's are left. Industry Experts expect that all's Pattered domains will be bought out by years end. Have you registered any patterned's? Share...
  5. dancarl

    ccTLD Portfolio of .ca Names including

    PM with offers. 4 Categories General, Real Estate, Travel and Adult. General ** ** PENDING OFFER PENDING...
  6. Vinexa Wanted

    I am looking for some: and domain names. Please PM me your names and prices. Sincerely, Vinexa
  7. Kaz

    Offers Wanted 33 Domains with PageRanks ~ Google PR 4 to 1 ~

    Hello all, These domains are extremely valuable and brandable. Make me an offer or 5. I accept PayPal.