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  1. durenmingok

    discussion what do you decide?

    Hello every one What factors do you consider when choosing a registrar? The price? Security? Under what circumstances would you consider changing registrar? Let`s discuss` Thanks in advance
  2. simon johnson

    other NameJet - What A Scam !

    🤬 Picture this: You win a public pre-release auction. You pay for the domain. Weeks go by and nothing.... Namejet tell you they're speaking with the seller - "We have verified that they are working on completing this as quickly as possible" Then this: ------- Thank you for contacting...
  3. FreddyS

    Dictionary words

    I am going to drop those Dictionary names, let me know if you want one or more... 9hp.info a82.info a88.info cm7.info etico.info f4o.info fh1.info gzn1st.info high-search.info l-8.info sexybritspears.info thebestquality.info pleuraerguss.info kreatinin.info spondylarthrose.info fibrom.info...
  4. amplify

    Drop DNFCollege Forum

    The title says it all. You ought to drop the DNFCollege forum from public view. However, you should keep the content in a "graveyard" for SEO purposes to draw in new traffic. My suggestion is, however, new and old members shouldn't be subjected to the advertising of DNFCollege if DNF is going to...
  5. fpforum

    advertisement Expired Domain Drop Catching Software for Domainers & SEO Experts

    DesktopCatcher.com Everyday thousands of expired domains drop and become available for new registration. Domain investors, SEO experts, affiliate marketers and dozens of others around the world browse through these domains and try to obtain them for a variety of different reasons, including...
  6. apachedomains

    offers DropLane.com - Domain Name and WordPress Hosting for One Year Included

    DropLane.com - Domain Name and WordPress Hosting for One Year Included
  7. K

    Namejet Auction Starts Without Notification

    I have recently placed a few bids on domains in the "pre-order" category with NameJets. I was surprised to learn that the auction had gone live without any notification. It was first when I logged in to my account that I realized the auction was going. Any suggestions for how I can turn on...
  8. Everydayy.com

    List Of Available Domain Names Valued Over $500 Each

    BeASoldier.com BePlaying.com DefenseBill.com DetroitVacationPackages.com DigitalCameraBundles.com FindGoodTickets.com GoodSatScore.com HairRestorationPrices.com HowToKeepAnErection.com HowToMakeACrossbow.com HowToMakeAMoviePoster.com HowToMakeHempBracelets.com HowToMakeMacaroons.com...
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