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    other Whic.ru - Bulk whois checker, Seo (PR, Alexa, WA etc), Domain name generator, proxy, drop catcher

    Whic software Free version Bulk domain availability checking in: .com, .ru, .рф Huge list checking ~500K domains Data export, import .csv, .txt Domain name generator https://whic.ru/en/free/download Whic Pro version: Mass domain checking: gTLD: .com, .net, .org, info, .biz Sponsoring Tld...
  2. D

    Pheenix.com For Sale?

    The domain, Pheenix.com, is now listed for sale at Sedo!
  3. D

    Something Is Very "rotten" At Snapnames!

    Not sure if this is the correct place to lament the loss of a domain under very suspicious circumstances. If not, would mod please move to proper spot on the "Drop Catchers" discussion. I maintain extensive lists, setup on a monthly basis, of hundreds of domains. If I see an expired domain, I...
  4. maxmn

    Expire .co.nz Domain?

    Hello, Do you know ? where is the best place to backorder .co.nz domain ? Thanks for helping.
  5. transcom

    Global Name Catching - Ie .com's

    With Nominet and other registrars that use DAC / EPP , we can hit the DAC server at a rate of 432000 within a 24hr period or a max of 1000 times a minute Does any one know if US based registrars have a similar access rate or is it all limited by API calls through a third party ? Cheers Bill
  6. gorilla_bob

    Pheenix.com - Please review this drop catcher

    Hello, Has anyone tried this drop catcher? pheenix.com If so, can you give a review? Bob
  7. M

    .com drop catchers

    I've been out of catching .coms for a while but a friend wants help grabbing a domain that went pending delete today... Who should I place orders with to have a decent chance at it?
  8. Mazkel


    Has anyone used BackorderZone.com? Any input is appreciated.
  9. thebetaguy

    DropKing (.)com Backorder Service

    DropKing (.) com advertises a lot about their Drop Catching Software which costs about $130. Has anybody had any success in using it or any other software?
  10. F

    Domain in pending delete not detected by Pool, Snapnames or Namejet (just Goddady)

    Domain in pending delete not detected by Pool, Snapnames or Namejet (just Goddady) It has been some times since the last time I backordered a domain, but I still have my account in Pool, Snapnames and Namejet. Updated the credit cards. I entered a domain for backorder like 1 month before...
  11. ludacwisp

    Snatcher 2 - The Lightning Fast Multi-Registrar, API & Non-API Dropcatcher

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/UudGgMREIhQ?rel=0 SNATCHER 2.2.4 - The Auto-Updating, Multi-Registrar, API and non-API Dropcatching Software Snatcher was created by N3TWORK.com, the expired domain name specializing software company who brought you Sitespotter and Sitespotter Mobile - the...
  12. bachelor2000

    Any other private backorder like name.com ?

    Let only one who make the first backorder. The domainmonister.com is the other just same to name.com. Any other private backorder service ?
  13. brianluedke

    Domain backorders - how to avoid an auction

    Dear fellow domainers, Question about backordering domains with NameJet, SnapNames, and Pool. I have had some success in past years, but have not used these services much in a couple of years. I appeal to you to help fill me in on whatever changes my have occurred. Basically I want to avoid...
  14. C

    Dropping domain name with Directnic

    What is the best Drop catch service for domains dropping with Directnic ... Does directnic have a drop catching service themselves. Your help would be higlhy appreciated
  15. ksinclair

    Best Dropcatcher for 1&1 domain?

    I usually order drops at Snapnames, Namejet, and Pool. I order at all 3. I put some in at godaddy too - Godaddy is very good at getting domains when they are the only one trying. :) Now, there is a domain I particularly want, as I already have the plural; I want the singular, it just makes...
  16. R

    .de backorder

    Hello. Any suggestions for the cheap .de backorders? Pool.com seems to be able to do it, but $60 fee is too high for domains I want to catch. Thanks, Andrew
  17. E

    snapnames still works?

    after the scandal, do you believe that snapnames.com's rate of drop catching success is going bad ? or is it same as in old? they can grap all the good domains still?
  18. D

    Exact time?

    Is there an exact time when a domain is open for registration again? Or is a backordering service trying every 1 minute to register? If that last case is happening, its possible to do a bulk registration of dropping domains by hand? or is that useless?
  19. A

    Building a drop tool

    I'm considering building a new tool to snag dropped domains. What would be the quickest way to find out when a .com domain drops? My hunch would be a WhoIs against Network Solution's name servers, but I'd imagine they wouldn't take to kindly to polling every second or so. Are there any...
  20. jdk

    Who catches Dynadot's names

    Who catches expired names registered at Dynadot?
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