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  1. D

    llll Taken in 100+ TLDs (Burger.click, Canvas.Coach and more)

    Burger.Click -----> TLDs Taken: 255 -----> Expiration: 11/30/2021 Registrar: Dynadot BIN: $15 Transfer: Direct Push to your Dynadot Account Payment: TransferWise or through Dynadot BIN Lander. ========================================================= Canvas.Coach -----> TLDs Taken: 296 ----->...
  2. benimalanlarim

    .com Lider360.com for sale

    Domain Name : lider360.com Registration Date : 2021-08-22 End Date : 2022-08-22 Registrar : Sav.com, LLC Transfer Fee: Free within the company Price : Bid Method: ($) Make an Offer!
  3. domainbartender

    fixed price Over

  4. Mr.Domains

    dynadot Dynadot - Withdrawing Funds?

    I recently tried to buy a bunch of sunrise names from Dynadot and paid $250 with a credit card. Four months later I received an email saying the reservation had failed, and I would be refunded. I assumed the money would go back onto my credit card, so I forgot all about it. When I checked my...
  5. D

    dynadot Dynadot- Redemption period

    Anyone know how many days you've got once your domain goes to redemption on Dynadot?- Am also looking for coupons for reg & transfer for less than 10.00.- Know of any? they do not give bulk rate unless several hundred domains with them.
  6. crazyd

    dynadot Dynadot Forum access problems

    None of the Dynadot Community Forum links work for me, I get a "Page Not Found " on all of them. Any ideas anybody?
  7. D

    dynadot Looking for Dynadot promo for some handregs.

    Did anyone hear of some ongoing special with Dynadot for new registration or transfer-in? - How about a DNF member discount/promo.-
  8. R

    dynadot Urgent Dynadot.com issues

  9. H

    dynadot Dynadot down

    Dynadot is down as well as their own DNS service...
  10. dmyre

    dynadot Dynadot down?

    I'm unable to access Dynadot.com. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  11. D

    dynadot dynadot now limiting whois lookups?

    I just noticed this today. I checked about 20 domains and then started getting an error message that I've reached by quota for the day.

    dynadot Is anyone from DYNADOT here?

    Is anyone from DYNADOT here? if yes, PLEASE SEND ME A PM ASAP -
  13. F

    dynadot DynaDot Stealing Your Research! Beware!!

    I always register fresh domains and develop them, and I recall that I researched a good domain a month back, it was, AuthenticSource.com (Plural is owned by BuyDomains.com) and I lost it when I checked 2 days later. I though that it could just be a coincidence. And 2 days ago I...
  14. dmyre

    dynadot [Dynadot] - slow processing

    There were some names that dropped today, and I attempted to purchase them with pre-paid funds, but the orders are still "processing" even though others were able to register them because of dynadot's delay. Is this common? Additionally, I attempted to register another domain that wasn't a...
  15. dmyre

    dynadot [Dynadot] - transferring .us domains

    Does anyone know where to set the US nexus settings. I recently sold a .us name registered there, and the purchaser created his new account, but I received the following message when I attempted to push it: "Recipient account not set up to receive US domains. Please ask recipient to sign into...
  16. hina

    dynadot Dynadot login error

    Has anyone been able to login to their Dynadot account? I kept getting this message: while I am sure I typed the correct 4-digit code...
  17. W

    dynadot whois.dynadot.com goes to error page

    Can't park my domains because my parking company and auction houses can't verify my domains. The dynadot whois is not showing my contact info and goes to a error page. I sent a email to support but never even got a auto response, so i have to wait for monday to call since suppport is only...
  18. ftaylor

    dynadot Dynadot launches DNS query analyzer service for unregistered .com domains

    Dear Finbarr Taylor, We have added a new tool to check the DNS query volume data for unregistered COM domain names. You can find the tool by logging into your Dynadot account. Then click on the "Search" tab and click on the "Data Analyzer Tool" sub menu link...
  19. Rockefeller

    dynadot Dynadot is up and running.

    You heard the man!
  20. Rockefeller

    dynadot Dynadot and BBB

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