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    .com - Generic and Dictionary Single Word Now For Sale ... - Generic and Brandable Word . - US monthly Search Over 18.000 . - Global Search Over 50.000 . - Suitable for E-commerce and Many Other Categories . - Very Good Extension . Price : $1300 Registered with : Dynadot Renewal Price : 10.99 / year Renewal Date : 05 / 01 / 2022 Payment...
  2. dancarl

    ccTLD Looking for Ecommerce Domains

    Looking for Ecommerce Domains both .ca AirTools DiamondTools great niche markets. pm offers over $100
  3. nubuck

    Offers Wanted and org,net. Estibot $64,000 EXACT SEARCHES 49,500 PRICED TO SELL ! gets over 49,500 Exact Searches from Google keyword. I will include all 3 extensions in this package is valued at $64,000 by Estibot (just dot com) Receives 7-13 Type-In Uniques a day. Seeking Offers...
  4. anhphan


    Hi there friends, I've been researching and getting these domains.
  5. anhphan


  6. vmgtch

    Fixed Price $20 -,, etc. (CLOSED)

    - (2005) SOLD - (2008) SOLD Product-related domains - $20 each. Post domain and indicate SOLD.
  7. dancarl

    ccTLD Plus 7other .ca's
  8. Vinexa

    ccTLD - Shopping E-commerce Potential!

  9. M Ecommerce Domain

    Considering offers for, which was registered originally 8 years ago. BIN $1400 This name could make a great eCommerce site.
  10. M

    Auctions Excellent Ecommerce Name Cheap is more than 5 years old and is an excellent eCommerce name up for auction with an incredibly low reserve. This is a fast auction. Only 2 days left. Make your bid now and it could be yours. Here's the link...
  11. Asaf

    Auctions Duvet Cover @flippa @Flippa Very Rare Exact Match .COM - 434,040+ Related Products ,$1.30 CPC - LOW RESERVE! What is a duvet cover? What size cover does a duvet need? Is it a profitable niche?... With More than 74,000+ Monthly Searches, And Highly competitive $1.30 CPC Adwords action.... READ...
  12. nubuck For Sale for Sale PR2 domain currently signed up with Yahoo and Google directories. Childrens Books ,videos, Harry Potter, Magic Taking offers starting at $x,xxx Thanks!
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