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    expiring soon UsElections.xyz available for Sale. Make Offers Now !!!

    uselections.xyz Make Your Offers Message me for more info. Why it's great. Very Short: short domains are more memorable...
  2. poing

    cctld CIRA 2017 Board Elections

    It's CIRA election time again - you can find out about how to vote (need to be a member, need to have a .CA domain for that) etc. here: https://cira.ca/elections Currently we're in the "show of support" phase where candidates need to get 20 shows of support in order to be in the running for...
  3. poing

    cctld CIRA 2016 Board Elections - Show of Support

    The 2016 CIRA Board Elections "Show of Support" phase has started today. As I (Frank Michlick) am running for the single member selected board seat, I'd appreciate your show of support and later your vote. If you have a .CA domain and are a CIRA member you should have received your instructions...
  4. poing

    cctld CIRA 2015 Board Elections / show of support

    The show of support for this year's CIRA board election for the member slate ends at 2pm EDT today. If you are a CIRA member, you should have already received an email with the details on how to endorse your favourite candidate. There are over 20 people (including myself) competing for a single...
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