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  1. DomainEmpire.com

    Where can I backorder .IN domains ?

    Is there any backorder service for .IN domains ? Thanks for helping.
  2. Y

    Best place to backorder a domain?

    I've been looking at a domain I want for my software company and it should be dropping soon. It expired in February. So my question is.. where would you recommend me backordering it to make sure I get it?
  3. amplified shock

    GoDaddy backorder

    Greetings. There is a domain registered at GoDaddy that I want. It expires in a few weeks. Do you recommend GoDaddy's backorder? Any other recommendations? Thank-you.
  4. loscocco

    Register.com domain pending delete. who catches it? I have a domain i am watching th

  5. B

    who is the strongest backorder agent?

    thank you!
  6. MAllie

    Real newbie question re domain dropping

    Is there anywhere you can look at names that are dropping and afterwards see what happened to them? My first lot will be dropping soon and I thought that seeing which, if any, get picked up might help me understand which type of name is best.
  7. S

    Help!! Looking to start a drop service??

    Hi, I am looking to start a free website providing a list of dropped domain names. I have been looking for a script for some time now with no success, im thinking i might have to go custom. I have tried them all alstrasoft which sucks, and the others, any suggestions on where i can find a...
  8. T

    drop catcher for .hk domains?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a drop catching tool that functions with .hk domains? thanks
  9. webg

    Domain catching script algorithm

    I know that is almost impossible to catch a good dropped names, but i would like my friend to develop a drop catching script for second and third level domains that are not so valuable. Just to easy my self to not doing it manually. But the person that will develop the script doesn't know...
  10. webg

    Who exactly drop the domains and where it is located

    I'm new in this business, i'm interested in who is exactly dopping domains, i read that it is verisign, is all domains dropped by Verisign? If it's just Verisign, where is located that company? Thanks in advance for the answers guys.
  11. F

    If I want a domain really bad....

    So, I backordered it at: Snapnames, Pool and Namejet What else do I need to consider? It is a two words ".com", with few to none traffic.
  12. C

    Desktop Name Catcher

    Has anyone tried out a desktop script that runs through enom or dynadot such as the one from TasteDrop/Expron? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  13. D

    Which auction do NameSecure.com pre-expiry domains go to?

    Can anyone tell me which company/auction has first go at NameSecure.com expired names before they go into redemption period? DNF$150 to the first response by PM or post. Thanks.
  14. R

    i confused & need help

    hi, i read from here & othe places that a domain will be catched immediately after the drop so if that's the matter, so that means an only one catcher company will success in the catch others none, so why a drop catcher company can successful in catching a domain but at the same time another...
  15. F

    Have registrar credentials, need expertise to help get set up for drop catching

    As I've noted earlier in a post, I am looking for some help from one of the experts here on this forum on the intricacies of drop catching. I have quite a bit of information (like when the domain drops from verisign, what the drop catching script should be like - etc.) but I'm short on time and...
  16. britishbulldog

    Tuscows ?

    Have stopped their domain auctions,who is catching their domains mow ??
  17. domaingenius

    Can GoDaddy catch a cold ?.

    NO !. It never ceases to amaze me as to how a registrar cannot even catch their own domains when they have a back order for them. Maybe they make more money by allowing Snapnames to have them ?. DG
  18. David G

    How does the registrar get beaten by someone else to the drop?

    There are several things in this business which drives me nuts and seem to have no logical explanation. This is one of them. For example, GoDaddy/WildWest being beaten to what should be an easy to snag drop by another drop catcher, such as yesterday by the Enom drop catcher service. This has...
  19. dnol

    All Dnf domain catchers united and we beat Pool.com

    we can easily gather 100 registrars APIs and cathc what we want ,is that right? I want to be the chairman now to make a team to catch domains ,find the best software to catch and use multi-servers worldwide... is that ok?
  20. D

    add namejet.com to drop list?

    I am not affiliated with them in any way and have no reason to support their business but a note to the mods that you might want to add a NameJet.com category.
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