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  1. accurate

    Anyone tried out the Namecheap Marketplace?

    I've been bidding on the new NameCheap Marketplace. Seems like it has some work to do but they clearly want to compete for expired domain dollars and not give it all away to GoDaddy Auctions. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  2. newmarka

    traffic RightGadgets.in, toartgallery.org and so many High-authority domains are in Offer at cheap price

    These all domains have high authority links profile and having links from high DR sites. You can check it's link profile, These can be used to 301 or start new blog. domain niche price Ahrefs DR Ahrefs UR RightGadgets.in Gadgets $50 2 24 toartgallery.org Art $80 18 15...
  3. DotSauce

    101 Available .COM Domains Ready to Register! (Weekly List Subscription)

    The domain names contained in this list were available as of the time of publishing on August 12th, 2020 5:00PM EST. A total of 101 domain names available to register are included to celebrate our re-launch. I’m planning to post a new list at least once a week. Enjoy! >>> List 001: Handpicked...
  4. crang

    sold SOLD!

    Domain: SOLD Category: Dating Referrers yandex.ru: 92.3% NOREF: 7.7% GEOs RU: 92.3% DE: 5.1% AU: 2.6% Browsers Chrome: 100% OS Windows 7: 95% Windows XP: 5% Asked price: $59.95 Registrar: Dynadot [Buyer must have an account for quick push] Check signature for our domains portfolio!
  5. crang

    closed ..

  6. crang

    fixed price -

  7. crang

    fixed price forexhotline.com - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: forexhotline.com Category: Forex/Crypto/Options Referrers yandex.ru: 57.1% bing.com: 33.3% NOREF: 9.5% GEOs RU: 57.1% US: 42.9% Browsers Opera: 57.1% IE: 33.3% Chrome: 9.5% OS Windows XP: 57.1% Windows 8: 38.1% Linux: 4.8% Asked price: $19.95 Registrar: Dynadot [Buyer must...
  8. crang

    auctions all-gamez.net - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: all-gamez.net Leads generated: 48 Category: Games Top 5 Referrers NOREF: 63.4% co.search.yahoo.com: 0.6% duckduckgo.com: 0.6% es.search.yahoo.com: 0.6% google.co.in: 0.6% Top 5 GEOs US: 13.7% ES: 11.4% CN: 10.9% RU: 10.3% AR: 9.1% Top 5 Browsers Chrome: 78.3% Opera: 10.3%...
  9. crang

    fixed price s-games.net - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: s-games.net Leads generated: 2 Category: Games Top 5 Referrers NOREF: 22.7% google.com: 42.4% yandex.ru: 14.3% sogou.com: 6.4% antiqa.biz: 3.5% Top 5 GEOs US: 46.3% RU: 16.8% UZ: 9.4% CN: 7.4% VN: 4.4% Top 5 Browsers Chrome: 73.4% Firefox: 10.3% IE: 7.9% Android: 4.9% Mozilla...
  10. crang

    fixed price cpa-affiliate-bonanza.com - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: cpa-affiliate-bonanza.com Leads generated: 15 Category: Affiliate Top 5 Referrers NOREF: 36.5% yandex.ru: 36.5% baidu.com: 5.8% google.com: 5.8% facebook.com: 3.9% Top 5 GEOs RU: 36.5% US: 36.5% CN: 7.7% BD: 5.8% CA: 3.9% Top 5 Browsers Chrome: 44.2% Safari: 42.3% Firefox: 7.7%...
  11. crang

    auctions sexlocals.com - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: sexlocals.com Leads generated: 55 Category: Adult Top 5 Referrers NOREF: 64.7% google.com: 14.7% google.fr: 5.9% sexlocals.com: 5.9% bing.com: 2.9% Top 5 GEOs US: 47.1% IN: 23.5% FR: 5.9% IT: 5.9% RU: 5.9% Top 5 Browsers Chrome: 82.4% iPhone: 14.7% Opera: 2.9% Top 5 OS...
  12. crang

    fixed price gaymalesexblog.com - [STATS INSIDE]

    Domain: gaymalesexblog.com Leads generated: 31 Category: Gay Top 5 Referrers yandex.ru: 30% baidu.com: 25.7% NOREF: 17.1% barebackworld.com: 10% m.baidu.com: 5.7% Top 5 GEOs CN: 32.9% RU: 32.9% NZ: 7.1% US: 7.1% DE: 5.7% Top 5 Browsers Chrome: 95.7% IE: 2.9% iPad: 1.4% Top 5 OS Windows...
  13. crang

    New Expired Domains Marketplace - DomainSink.com

    Hello, I would like to introduce our new marketplace for expired domains with high traffic Currently a registered user can see for each domain listed at the marketplace: * GEO and referral traffic per domain since listed * Number of leads generated per domain since listed * Demographics...
  14. B

    DomainWatch — Domain Monitoring Made Easy

    Hey there! I wanted to ask for feedback on a little project I'm working on but I'm not sure if I have choosen a good thread. Anyway... here's a screenshot: It's available at https://domainwatch.me and you can keep an eye on 10 domains for free. I would really appreciate any feedback...
  15. D

    Dropping / Expired domains

    Curious to know what the best drop catching software there is out there for names dropping and names deleted so you can basically grab them and so on. I've seen a ton of them out there that all claim to be the best.
  16. T

    other Whic.ru - Bulk whois checker, Seo (PR, Alexa, WA etc), Domain name generator, proxy, drop catcher

    Whic software Free version Bulk domain availability checking in: .com, .ru, .рф Huge list checking ~500K domains Data export, import .csv, .txt Domain name generator https://whic.ru/en/free/download Whic Pro version: Mass domain checking: gTLD: .com, .net, .org, info, .biz Sponsoring Tld...
  17. D

    Pheenix.com For Sale?

    The domain, Pheenix.com, is now listed for sale at Sedo!
  18. D

    Something Is Very "rotten" At Snapnames!

    Not sure if this is the correct place to lament the loss of a domain under very suspicious circumstances. If not, would mod please move to proper spot on the "Drop Catchers" discussion. I maintain extensive lists, setup on a monthly basis, of hundreds of domains. If I see an expired domain, I...
  19. Domain Author

    Expired Domains Are Being Targeted By Google

    Search Engine Optimizers think that Google is using expired domain info to track down the so-called 'Private Blog Networks'. Here is an article on how Google is treating the expired names and what are the opinions of SEOs. https://domainnamewire.com/2014/09/24/seo-expired-domains-google/...
  20. Domain Author

    Expired Domain Report

    DormRoom.com $12,450 Huma.com $11,502 StormShelters.com $7,000 ColoradoProperties.com $4,132 Daniella.com $3,800 BeachBums.com $3,385 NYCTravel.com $2,544 Lally.com $2,466 Bright.org $2,010
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